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Last Updated on: 15 May 2020

Urban Planning & Policies

Development Plans

  1. Development plan
  2. Efficiency and Usefulness of Master Plan Approach in India
  3. City Development Plan (CDP) and comparison with master plan
  4. Concept, Basic Characteristics & Preparation of Master Plan
  5. Delhi Master Plan 2021 by Delhi Development Authority (DDA)
  6. Development plan & scope of development Plan as per UDPFI Guidelines

Urban Planning – Blog & Opinions

  1. A review of ITPI code of conduct
  2. Urban Planners grab second position in Canadian job ranking
  3. Planning Institutes & Association Quiz
  4. What Urban Planning needs to learn from Civil Aviation
  5. Planning Education and Practice in New Zealand
  6. How Big Data Solves the Urban Planning Challenge?
  7. Benefits of 3D modelling in Urban Planning
  8. Translating Planning Phases in Norway: An Epitome of Development
  9. Urban Planning & Technology – A never ending chase!
  10. Urban Planning Quiz! – Planners, their work & quotes!
  11. How urban planning can contribute to resilience and disaster risk reduction

Urban Planners

  1. Top 5 Urban Planning Quotes and their Meanings
  2. Baron Haussmann’s Urban Development of Paris
  3. Doreen Massey on Urban Space
  4. Influence on Urban Planning by Kevin A. Lynch
  5. Jan Gehl’s Promotion of Urban Public Life
  6. John Friedman’s Theories of Economic Planning
  7. Top 5 buildings by Le Corbusier
  8. Edward Soja’s Theories of Urban Space
  9. Jane Jacob’s vision for cities
  10. Top 10 Contemporary Urban Planners

Planning Theory

  1. Transactive planning
  2. Understanding Participatory Planning
  3. Relation Between Advocacy & Plural Planning with case studies
  4. Critical minimum effort Theory
  5. Collaborative Planning Theory
  6. Political Economy Model in Urban Planning
  7. Advocacy Planning Concept
  8. Rational Planning Model
  9. Garden City Movement a concept by Sir Ebenezer Howard

CV/ Resume & Jobs

  1. Importance of Making Company Specific CV/Resume
  2. 15 Simple Rules of Impressive CV for your Dream Job
  3. Difference between CV and Resume
  4. Working towards a resume that cannot be denied
  5. 9 Tools to Write an Eye-Catching Resume

Academic Writing

  1. Defining Aim, Objective, Scope for conducting study
  2. What is Coursework? | Definition, Meaning & keypoints!
  3. Guidelines and steps for writing a coursework | Tips for good writing
  4. Importance of Guide/ Co-Guide for your Research Paper
  5. Main Features of Academic Writing
  6. How to Write a Field Report?
  7. Difference between a research paper, dissertation & thesis
  8. 4 Effective Tips to Choose the Right Case Study for Research
  9. 10 Tips for writing good research paper
  10. Tips for Publishing in an Academic Journal
  11. Tips on how to conduct secondary research
  12. Tips on what is needed to conduct primary research

For Urban Enthusiasts 

  1. Loss of walkable cities
  2. City Branding
  3. What makes a city great?
  4. Tips to Encourage Walking in Cities
  5. NIMBY: Not In My Backyard | Opposition by local residents
  6. What makes you love a city? – The most Liveable cities in the world
  7. Placemaking gives meaning to the Space
  8.  Benefits and advantages of Living in Cities
  9. Urban Conservation through Urban Planning
  10. Reasons why Urban Planning is important for cities