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Understanding Doctoral Thesis

Understanding Doctoral Thesis

A doctoral thesis, often called a dissertation, is the most important project of one’s doctoral coursework. In fact, it is the crowning achievement of one’s education, and in most degree programs it is a prerequisite to receiving the distinction of “doctor”. A doctoral thesis is a major writing project that one undertakes in order to receive

Importance of Guide/ Co-Guide for your Research Paper

Importance of Guide or Co-Guide for your research

Writing a thesis paper is not an easy task, especially if you are doing it for the first time. There will be a lot of hurdles on the way and milestones to complete by the time you complete this important assignment in your academics. Even the most straightforward essay cause and effect assignment, you will need

Main Features of Academic Writing

Features of Academic Writing

Academic writing is aimed to communicate ideas unambiguously and carefully. Academic content writing helps in producing and publishing good journal articles. Academic writing uses writing formats like Harvard, APA, and MLA. Besides, academic write-ups require the following set of rules that are usually mentioned in the assignment. The academic writer has to stick to writing

Types of Academic Writing | Planning Tank

Academic Writing Types

Academic writing is what you get when you edit everyday writing and strip it of informal language, remove references to feeling or thoughts and add technical details that are specific to the subject or industry the writing is about. Academic writing may be considered boring but it’s usually full of more information from the word

How to Write a Book Review? | Planning Tank

Writing Book Review

As an avid reader, you know how book reviews are important in our world today. Not only do they help us spot great books to read but also act as a bridge to most bookworms all over the world. Reviews give us a chance to share our thoughts with other readers while helping you keep