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Colours used

Green is the colour of life, nature, energy is linked to growth, harmony, money, ambition, finance etc. Taking care of nature under a capitalist system is essential to achieve harmony. Investments made without environmental considerations will lead to disasters either man-made or natural.

Blue is the colour of sky and sea. It is associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, intelligence and produces a calming effect. A successful plan requires in-depth knowledge of various systems which work in a city. Their interdependence needs to be understood well.

Different elements in the logo


“P”,”T” & “Happiness curve” – Initials for “Planning Tank”. We call the large curve joining “P” & “T” as “happiness curve”  – as the name suggests it symbolizes smile (happiness) which we believe is most essential, this can be learned best from Bhutan which gave the concept of “Gross National Happiness”  aimed at increasing happiness. Happiness forms the bottom-most part and thus the foundation for all settlements, it’s required for them to flourish and people to be healthy.


Part of Earth – All the settlements on Earth, irrespective of their location and country should be happy, healthy and sustainable. There is a dire need to rise above the geographical boundaries and think about “Humans” as a whole. Efforts and attempts should not be restricted to a particular area or country, there are externalities associated with each and every step which has a direct/indirect; known/unknown; measurable/immeasurable; predictable/unpredictable effect over the entire planet which does not follow any “geographical boundaries” created by humans.


Humans – It’s all about “humans”! They interact with the various tangible and intangible elements of the city. Humans constantly try to adapt and change everything around them according to their needs. They play a large role in shaping the future of the planet and also their own kind, making “planning” crucial.


“Green” colour aircraft – Airway is the fastest and one of the most fuel-efficient modes of travel available to mankind. The green colour of aircraft symbolizes remarkable growth & advancement in the aviation sector. Robust coordination and management are worth learning and looking up to for planning.

Car – It’s an important mode of transport and symbolizes increased dominance of private vehicles over public transport. Private transport is considered to be inefficient and has a large carbon footprint associated with them, the need to shift to public transport is often emphasized and considered as a solution to numerous transportation and related problems.


Different shapes & sizes of built structures – It represents the “Design” aspect. Urban Design (generally linked with urban areas) is considered to be an art of making places, the process of shaping the physical settings for life in cities, towns, and villages. In a monotonous environment, people tend to get “bored” and less productive which affects daily life. The place looks and functions like a machine with no variety and diversity.


“0” & “1”, Binary numbers – Forms the basics of data processing by computers. These signify the “data” driven evaluation, analysis, and solutions to solve the increasingly complex problems faced by human settlements. Use of technology along with the design is central to present day planning. More and more automatic communication & data sharing will occur between all the built structures with the advancement of technology.


Chimney-like structure & Windmill – Chimney like structure signifies the current reliance on fossil fuels to meet the energy requirements which results in degradation of the environment whereas windmills provide clean energy. There is a need to balance the use of fossil fuels and gradually shift to renewable energy for meeting the energy requirements. The debate about climate change will continue but what remains clear is the need to have a better quality of life. This cannot be achieved without energy and to meet the growing demand more and more sources of energy needs to be tapped. For achieving sustainability the sources of energy needs to be clean and their contribution in total energy mix should increase over time.

about-our-logo-three-curves-at-edge-of-buildingThree curves at the edge of the building
– Use of wireless technology and incorporating the technological advancement in cities. Increased data sharing among different elements for higher efficiency & automation. Different elements in a human settlement have an impact on overall development. The impact of a single element might, however, be very small or negligible but when combined, it shows the real strength of a city. This reflects when per- capita standards/requirements get multiplied and reflect the number of resources required and consumed within a human settlement.

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