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Planning Tank is one of its kind platforms which covers diverse needs of planners & decision makers. Our team comprises of passionate volunteers, students & professionals to take on the various challenges like no other. Diverse backgrounds of our team members which include Urban Planning, Architecture, Aviation, Mass Communication, Engineering help us take care of each and every aspect which we need to fix.

We offer time-based advertising i.e. on the basis of time for example banners displayed for a week or month. Currently, the minimum time is one week. We do not allow advertising of adult content.

Cut us and we bleed “Planning”

For Educational Institutions, Companies, Organisations & Freelancers: We provide a wide range of services and collaboration opportunities. We always look forward to meaningful collaborations and partnerships. These range from advertisements, digital publishing, research, digital marketing, branding solution and website evaluations. To know more, please visit – Join Us (opens in new tab).