Advertising options with PlanningTank website

We offer time-based advertising i.e. on basis of time for example banner displayed for a week or month.

Currently, the minimum time is one week.

We do not allow advertising of adult content.

Our Users

Our users include students from Planning courses, professionals, students who want to explore about planning and general people interested in knowing more about planning. We have an active database of our users and offer newsletter support for email advertising.

Integrated Advertising Packages

Our Integrated advertising packages allow you to place custom Ads that appear as part of this site. Such campaigns will be integrated with various sections or pages in this site. You are welcome to come up with suggestions on how you want the Ad to be integrated with this site and we will get back to you with the rates.

Place for ads to appear

  • 728×90 Banner
  • 160×600 Sky Scrapper
  • 300×250 rectangle Ad
  • Text Link (in articles, 20 letters max. )
  • In emails

To get started, please send the following details to the email address given below:

  1. Duration of Ad (minimum duration is 1 week)
  2. Size of the Ad (Ex: 120×600)
  3. Url of the target website for the Ad (We will not link to offensive websites)

If you like to use any custom advertising model, please let us know your proposal in detail. Job Portal by Planning Tank has different advertising options.
To get started with your campaign in PlanningTank, please contact us at [email protected]