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Last Updated on: 1 Oct 2020

Article Index

We have compiled a list of articles based on a theme/ category/ use in form of PDF files with the link to articles on Planning Tank. This was demanded from a long time since it was becoming difficult to find the right and relevant content on the website. These list is referred to as “Study Units” since these focus on a particular aspect and can be referred to at any time. Please feel free to share these index of articles with your friends and colleagues.

  1. Urban Planning Academic & Awareness
  2. Academic Writing
  3. GIS, Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing
  4. Settlement Geography, Development Patterns & Development Plans
  5. Transport Planning

Articles about Urban Planning & Planners

Course Details, Descriptions & Informative Articles

  1. Urban Planning Job Description
  2. B.Planning course in India
  3. What is Environmental Planning?
  4. Why You Should Consider a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning
  5. Regional Planning – Need, Importance & Implementation
  6. Changes and History of Regional Planning in India
  7. Is Urban Planning meant for you?
  8. Basis of Infrastructure Planning for Urban Planners
  9. How Clinical Research can help in Urban or Environmental Planning
  10. What Does It Take to Become a Licensed Urban Planner in the USA?
  11. Tips before starting a Planning degree
  12. Tips for Students Planning to Study in Western Countries
  13. Placement scenario after M.Plan from School of Planning & Architecture, Delhi
  14. Reasons why Urban Planning is important for cities
  15. Landmarks & Development of Town Planning process in India

Blog & Opinions

  1. Why political agendas never actually solve your problems whereas planners can!
  2. Planning process without planners
  3. Loss to community because of incompetent planners
  4. Understanding the limitations of planning
  5. Planners as knowledge workers
  6. Understanding the limitations of planning
  7. Urban Planning – Largely Unknown Profession
  8. Little cognizance about Planning as an academic course
  9. Guidelines for Sustainable Urban Regional Planning
  10. How smart cities are leading Urbanization

Planning concepts & theories

  1. Gentrification – Definition, Causes and Examples
  2. Community Participation | Types, Process & Facilitation

Settlement Geography, City Models, types and evolution

  1. Ribbon Development | Meaning, Benefits and Features
  2. Geddesian Triad
  3. Aerotropolis: The New Emerging Urban Form
  4. Satellite City | Meaning, Characteristics, & Examples
  5. Galactic City Model
  6. Hoyt Model or Sector Model (1939) of Urban Land Use by Homer Hoyt
  7. The Rank-Size Rule by George Zipf (1949)
  8. Primate City & Primacy | Relationship between city sizes
  9. Rural urban fringe: Concept, History, Reasons, Issues
  10. Rural-urban continuum and causes of rural-urban continuum
  11. Multiple Nuclei Model of 1945 by C.D. Harris and Edward L. Ullman
  12. Burgess model or concentric zone model (1925) by Ernest Burgess
  13. Central Place Theory by Walter Christaller (1933)

Environment, Pollution & Other Global Issues/ Problems

Conventions, Summits, Action Plans & other agreements

  1. India and UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
  2. National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC)
  3. International Solar Alliance
  4. Climate Change Action in Asia
  5. Sustainable Development Goals United Nations

Descriptive & Explanatory Articles

  1. The Importance of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  2. Marine or Ocean Pollution | Meaning, Types & Causes
  3. Environmental Economics
  4. Environmental degradation
  5. Various Types of Pollution – Air, Water, Soil, Noise etc

Informal Sector, Slums, Migration & Poverty

Informal Sector

  1. Planning and Informality in India
  2. Informal Sector in India
  3. Informal and Formal Settlements (Indian Context)
  4. Interpreting the “Sites of Entitlement” in informal India


  1. What is a Slum?
  2. Pragmatic Approach to Slum Rehabilitation in Mumbai City (Part 1 of 4)
  3. Pragmatic Approach to Slum Rehabilitation in Mumbai City (Part 2 of 4)
  4. Pragmatic Approach to Slum Rehabilitation in Mumbai City (Part 3 of 4)
  5. Pragmatic Approach to Slum Rehabilitation in Mumbai City (Part 4 of 4)
  6. Relocation of Slum People: Case Study of Mumbai Railway Slum Relocation
  7. Sites of entitlement: claim, negotiation & struggle in Mumbai | Review
  8. Mumbai Slum Rehabilitation – Communicative Dimension of Critical Spatial Theory
  9. Slum Areas improvement and clearance Act
  10. Vote Bank Politics, Lobbying and Favoritism: Discrepancies of Slum Formation and Existence


  1. Human Poverty Index (HPI)
  2. Causes of Urban Poverty
  3. Definition and Identification of rural poverty in India

Academic Writing

  1. What is Coursework? | Definition, Meaning & keypoints!
  2. Guidelines and steps for writing a coursework | Tips for good writing
  3. Importance of Guide/ Co-Guide for your Research Paper
  4. Types of Academic Writing | Planning Tank
  5. How to Write a Field Report?
  6. How to Develop Methodology For Your Research Paper
  7. How to Cite Sources Using the Harvard Referencing Style

Other Useful Articles:

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