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Disadvantages of Village Life or Living in the countryside

Disadvantages of Village Life Countryside Living

Many people dream and decide to leave the polluted and congested cities and move to the countryside that is full of green meadows and forests. In the village, one may find a place that is equivalent to the Lost Paradise of John Milton. However, living in the countryside is much more different than that of

Urban Planning and Economic Development

Urban Planning Economic Development

Various urban objects, such as residential buildings, roads, utility facilities, etc., have more than one function. On the one hand, they have a direct purpose (e.g. housing, safety, mobility, etc.). On the other hand, they also perform economic functions because they have a huge economic impact on the urban environment. For example, residential buildings not

Waterfront development | Background, Need & Example

Waterfront Development

Do you know what makes Venice, Sydney, Montreal, and Rotterdam similar? Each of these cities is essentially a huge waterfront, there development is known as waterfront development. As a matter of fact, some of the biggest cities and most popular tourist destinations reside on beautiful and highly functional waterfronts. The whole concept is extremely important

Riverfront Development | Background, Use & Example

Riverfront Development

The population surge means that there is simply not enough land to accommodate everyone. Whereas once activity along riverfronts was discouraged owing to the dangers of flooding, riverfront development is today a growing trend. But what exactly is it, and how will it impact the environment? Riverfront development explained In developed countries, there is a

Causes of Urban Poverty

Urban Poverty

Urban Poverty cannot be associated just with only one or two contributory factors such poor health and inability to work or lack of skills, there are many reasons why people remain poor. Such factors combined with the government’s inability to provide subsidies to lack of opportunities for specific skills results in prolonged bad situation. The pay