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Four Good Books on Indian Urbanisation

City Planning Degree

Introduction: India has a vast history of city planning from the inception of the Indus Valley Civilization which led to Mohinjadaro, Harapa and other similar towns in ancient India. We can learn many positive things about Indian planning and architecture from ancient times although the population density and political situation was quite contrary to what

5 Good Books on Transport

Public Transport - Train

Introduction Everyone is familiar with transport and has their own unique experience with the concept of transport and travel. Whether it is busses, trains or airplane, transport is an important part of our lifestyle. As it is a wide concept and one that is clearly important not only in urban planning but for everyone’s daily

5 Must Read Books on Public Spaces

5 Must Read Books on Public Spaces

This article will highlight the main books and readings related to public spaces. There are many books that can be chosen on urbanism themes but these books focus particularly on how to design and create better public spaces for all. Although they mostly focus on the western cities, there is a lot that the Global