Slum Resettlement: A Case study of Madurai, Tamil Nadu

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Aim: Identify causes of slum formation and discuss challenges generated due to re-location of slum dwellers Objectives To study history of formation of slums and factors that led to its growth thereafter To study through case example of Madurai City the preferences of slum dwellers To identify challenges faced after relocation To suggest/recommend ways to

Disparities towards Seasonal Migrants

Migrant Labour

They migrated to cities in hope of a hope for better life, livelihood and nothing but happiness. Had it been any other day, the statement would not have seemed significant. It took a pandemic to re-visit our cities, and bring out the plight of otherwise forgotten urban poor. Cities in urban India are flooded with

Digging deeper into “Unauthorised Colonies” in Delhi

Unauthorized Colonies

Exploring the term “unauthorised” IN spite of being divulged as “unauthorised”- Is it really necessary to dig up the concept of “unauthorised colonies”? However, the power of tagging it as unauthorised is vested upon the government bodies. In regards to the Capital city, Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has listed hundreds of colonies as unauthorised since