What Do You Mean by Information Visualization?

Information Visualization

Information visualization is the study of visual or interactive demonstration of the abstract data to support human cognition. Both non-numerical and numerical data are included in the form of abstract data like geographic and textual information. Information visualization is entirely different from scientific visualization. Information visualization is applied when spatial representation is selected and Scientific

How does marine Pollution affect animals?

How marine Pollution affect animals

An astounding amount of wastes enters the oceans every year which has increased over the past 60 years. Over 80% of the sources of marine pollution are due to land-based activities. Every day, government, big multinational companies or organizations are announcing or inventing some ways to tackle the problem which is mainly plastics. The oceans

What are environmental hazards?


When a state, substance or an event has the potential to threaten the circumstantial natural environment like natural disasters and pollution, and harmfully affect the health of the people, then they are known as environmental hazards. An environmental hazard is a condition that adversely affects the environment. Any type of pollutants like pesticides, heavy metals,