Four things to help you prepare for the PTE Academic test

PTE Academic test

The Pearson PTE Academic English test is an English language test, augmented by the latest technology. Not only will it help you attain a clear understanding of your grasp over the English language, but it will also serve as proof of your proficiency during your visa or college application process. This makes the PTE Academic

Process Workflow with Artificial Intelligent Document Management

Artificial Intelligence

The world we live in is everlastingly reinventing itself, with the old constantly being replaced by the new. Document management is the same. As we approach towards the beginning of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in this field, we are portraying out how our industry will be reproduced and re-established by it. Throughout the next five years,

8 Hottest Education Research Topics of 2018

Research Topics

Education is the only imperative for a generation to be progressive, liberal and smart. With the emergence of augmented reality in the realm of education, and e-learning firms offering additional academic assignment help, the world has witnessed some major changes over the past years. Moreover, with public schools spending more than $3 billion per year

6 Ways to Encourage Student Collaboration

Student Collaboration

Collaborative learning is a great way of immersing students in academic work. It beats the traditional technique of teachers giving out paper handouts, for example. But, educators do not always succeed in making group work effectively. It is hard to, say, make all students engaged and accountable in such an activity. Yet using a few