Ecosystem Valuation

Ecosystem Valuation & Services | Meaning, History & Example

What is Ecosystem Valuation? Ecosystem Valuation is the economic process that assigns the value to the ecosystem or its ecosystem services/resources that might be in the form of monetary, biophysical, or any other benefit. For example, wetland prevents flooding as well as provide necessary food products in and around. Ecosystem Valuation plays a wider role …

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Environmental Planning

What is Environmental Planning?

Environmental Planning is an area of specialization in Urban and Regional Planning. It emphasises on environmental problems/ issues/ matters concerning land use, policy framework, and design. The term environment suggests, the biotic and abiotic factors/components surrounding us. It involves air and its quality, water and its quality which may be surface or groundwater, micro, and …

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Reduce Noise Pollution at Home

How to Reduce Noise Pollution at Home – 5 Effective Tips

Introduction For the average person, it might be practically impossible to shut out sound completely. In fact, of itself, sound is hardly problematic. It is when it transforms into noise, acquiring certain properties that are harmful to your body, that it becomes a huge challenge. In some locations, noise can build up to a certain …

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Data Cleaning

What is Data Cleaning?

What is involved in data cleaning Data Cleaning, also called as data cleansing, is the process of correcting & reducing inaccurate data and improving the quality of input data. This is done by identifying and resolving problems in a dataset such as inaccuracy, error, outdated data, irrelevant data, missing data, incorrectly formatted data, duplication or …

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