Areas in Sydney for Your Buyers’ Agents to Look for an Investment Property

Energy management through Home Automation can save money

As Australia’s most populous city, Sydney is a hotbed of multicultural and ethnic diversity. Speaking over 250 languages, its population of almost 6 million is spread over 650 suburbs. Steady capital growth, efficient modes of transport, lively urban infrastructure, and the world’s largest natural harbour contribute to Sydney being one of the most desirable cities

How Ocean Pollution Impacts Marine Life

Effects of water pollution

The oceans of the Earth are massive, so is the amount of pollution that is entering the waters of the seas through both man-made and natural sources. This marine pollution is affecting the entire ecosystem of the ocean across the globe. According to the report by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, most of the

Data Centers | Need & Challenges

Data Centers Need Challenges

Businesses are generating huge amounts of data causing a considerable reliance on off-site storage facilities. These warehouse-sized  buildings are called ‘data centers’, and are beginning to emerge across urbanised areas. A growing population and the demand for larger homes are not the only pressures on existing Australian cities. Data centers will be the next planning