Terms & Conditions

This page explains the applicable terms and conditions as a part of collaboration between Planning Tank & NOSPlan. A part relevant terms and conditions is made available here, for more information please get in touch with your representatives/ council members of NOSPlan.


In all the cases where there is applicability of copyrights, by submitting any content you agree to transfer the copyrights to Planning Tank.

Planning Tank is allowed to use, modify, change, adapt and publish your content on its official website, any of its partner website or 3rd party website. The content once published will not be deleted/ unpublished unless agreed upon by both the author & Planning Tank. Any significant changes in the “content” which has impact on change of the article will have a disclaimer about the changes being made by Planning Tank. However, minor changes and editing will not require such disclaimer. The changes made are to fine-tune the on-page SEO aspects.

The content can be used in any desirable format depending on the need of Planning Tank. This includes either digital or printed form.

You provide Planning Tank to be the first publisher of the content. Planning Tank do not ask for “exclusive” publishing rights and you are free to submit & resubmit your content to other websites/ platforms (both online & offline). However, you are required to make a declaration and inform the publisher of your content being originally published on Planning Tank. Thus, for any subsequent use by any other party, they must credit the author & Planning Tank as being first publisher in an acceptable manner.

Liability, responsibility & conflict – The author certifies that the content being submitted is their original creation and they have all the associated copyright to it before submitting the content. This is applicable for all text and image part. Proper references & citations must be provided wherever applicable & required. Planning Tank is not responsible for any conflict and does not hold any liability for the content being submitted by the user.

Use of content in various ways

The content/ articles submitted to us at times might not be fit to be used on Planning Tank due to various reasons such as relevance, quality, need to be published on other websites, topic, writing style etc. The requirements will be shared prior to start of work, but after final evaluation your work might be useful to be used in different ways and on different platforms. It may be used on following platform/websites:

  1. Planning Tank or any other website in our network
    1. It might be used in form of content published directly in form of a webpage or form a part of collection of articles.
    2. It can be used completely or partially in form of a standalone book/ ebook/ in pdf or any other file format instead of a webpage. It may be a either digital or paper publication or a both.
    3. It can be divided into parts which may be merged with other existing or new content.
  2. Other websites owned or operated by us: We have a large portfolio of developed, under developed and undeveloped websites. Your content might be used on these websites. A prior information will be provided if your content is accepted for our websites other than the intended websites.
  3. Third-Party Websites/ Platforms/ Partners – This includes your work to be used by us for various purpose which requires it to be published on third-party websites. Any such occurrence and need will be duly informed and permission will be obtained from author before sending your work to such partners.

Credit & Ownership of submitted content

By submitting any form of written work referred to as content/ articles/report of any such form is covered with various copyright and intellectual rights. These will be applicable to both contributors and us. Any person submitting such work is referred to as “Author” for explaining these rights in this section. The below mentioned rules will govern your & Planning Tank’s right for use of content.

  1. We reserve the rights to modify, adapt, and change your content as per requirements to better meet our requirements.
  2. For any content being submitted to Planning Tank and being used on Planning Tank or any sister websites, you will be provided with credits in the below mentioned form
    1. A brief 2-3 lines author bio placed at the end of article when the article.
    2. If you are provided with an Author account, your name will appear as “Author” or such relevant heading. Author bio at end may or may not be present at end of article. Such appearances of author bio depends on the website design and the possibility of incorporating such placements.
    3. When you are provided with an Author account, all of your articles will be available under your account along with a short author brief (subjected to possibility in website design). This will act as an archive for your contributions and this link can be shared to establish your membership as author with Planning Tank as and when required.
  3. If your content is planned to be used on third party website then a permission will be obtained for such use prior using the submitted content and due compensation will be provided. Credits on such use will be as per following:
    1. No Credits in any form – You will not be provided any credit in any form. Your content will be published as anonymous/ as that of Planning Tank/ any member of Planning Tank depending on our requirements. You will act as Ghost Author in this case with no rights over content in any form once it is submitted.
    2. Partial/ Mixed Credits – You will be provided with Partial Credits i.e. your name will appear along with that of Planning Tank or as that of a Planning Tank team member with or without 2-3 lines of bio about you or Planning Tank or a combination of both. Such contributions will help you utilise our network and build a stronger presence over the internet. We will pitch the article to our partners which increases the acceptance of articles.
  4. For all the content being submitted to us and being used by us on our own websites/ sister websites/ third party websites provides us with following rights:
    1. The content being submitted must not be published or used at any other place/ platform (online or offline) either full or part. If such use is required, a written request (through email is acceptable) must be obtained before publishing/using the work. We reserve the right to accept or decline the request. Examples of such cases includes:
  1. Use on own blog/website
  2. Use on third party website
  • Use in journals/ publication/ report/ research paper or any such publication.
    1. You will be provided with credits for your work based as explained above i.e. credits in form of name (with or without author account), Partial/ Mixed Credits/ No Credits.
    2. You grant us exclusive right to use, adapt, modify and use in any manner desired & deemed useful once we receive the content and accepted by us.
    3. The content being submitted must be your original work. Adequate and required references, citation & credits must be provided along with submission which were referred/used while creating the content.
    4. Any content being submitted must not violate any copyright of other authors and must not invite any copyright actions. To prevent this, referencing is required wherever applicable.
    5. Once submitted & published, your content will not be removed unless agreed by our team. However credits can be removed from the content if required and agreed upon by us.
    6. Your author account might be merged with our other account in case of long inactivity. You will be provided with credits in form of author bio at end of article in such cases.
    7. Any copyright cannot be claimed on the content once submitted. For the legal and other requirements of obtaining the copyright for website/ content directly or indirectly you authorise us (Planning Tank) to be the owner & author of such content.
    8. As and when required you will cooperate with our request meant to obtain copyright and similar intellectual rights for the work being published on Planning Tank. All relevant information in addition to that mentioned above will be communicated along with request.