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Planning Theory

Understanding Participatory Planning

Community Participation

Participatory planning is about involving people in the community to get the maximum benefit for the whole society. It is about gathering different views from whoever wants to participate and making people in the city feel welcome to voice their opinions. Participatory planning is usually used by planners to get people to come together on

Tactical Urbanism and its Implication

Tactical Urbanism is a case-based approach to address urban problems through participatory design. Knowing what, is needed and wanted, and responding to locals is paramount to Tactical Urbanism. The open streets or street makeovers are the design concepts that are often chosen to reinvent urban streets to reclaim space for pedestrians and cyclists. Tactical urbanism is a

Gentrification – Definition, Causes and Examples


Gentrification Definition  Gentrification is the rebuild of a specific deteriorated region or neighborhood into a more affluent and well-developed neighborhood. It has been controversial over the past few decades because not everyone agrees that gentrification has had a positive influence on people. For instance, there have been many economic displacements and social changes where the

Relocation of Slum People: Case Study of Mumbai Railway Slum Relocation

Public Interest in Planning - Slum Clearance

Relocation of the poor involves large-scale exploitation of their rights, human behavior and resources. This claim is about the exploitation of the poor railway slum dwellers who were relocated and their sufferings during and after the relocation. This article is a review and an attempt to highlight he concerns and claims discussed in paper “Beyond