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Objectives and Information on Environmental Education

Environmental Education

What is Environmental Education? Environmental education is understanding and knowing more about the environmental issues that affect our world. People can explore various issues relating to the environment, engage in policies and government issues, involve in problem solving an urban issue that is currently taking place such as climate change, waste and water issues and

The Importance of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

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What is an EIA? Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a tool used in most environment based organisations to measure the impact of the environment through the assessment tool. It measures the environmental consequences of a particular plan or policy. This could be important for Urban Planning and Development policies because many of these policies are

Environmental Economics


Environmental economics is the study of the financial implications of environmental policies and practices. This field of study helps to understand the theoretical and empirical aspects of environmental policies on the economy of the nation. It helps to analyze the existing policies and determine its pros and cons and also to ascertain the effectiveness of

International Environmental Law

Environmental Education

International law is a set of rules that have been agreed upon by nations to serve as a framework to establish stable and organized international relations. Although International laws were primarily laid out for Social and Economic practices it has widened to include various other fields for the global good. There has been an increased