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How to prevent marine pollution from ship operation?

Pollution caused by Ships in Ocean

It is already a proven fact that the shipping industry dumps million tons of wastes and garbage into the oceans from their day to day operations resulting in enormous marine pollution. Ships are responsible for more than 18% of the water pollution. According to estimation by the International Maritime Organization, ships emit almost 2.2% of

How Ocean Pollution Impacts Marine Life

Effects of water pollution

The oceans of the Earth are massive, so is the amount of pollution that is entering the waters of the seas through both man-made and natural sources. This marine pollution is affecting the entire ecosystem of the ocean across the globe. According to the report by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, most of the

How has Marine Pollution changed over time?

Harmful Effects of Marine Pollution

Oceans are a vital part of the ecosystem and are extremely important for the survival of human beings. Over the years the oceans are one of the most unexplored parts of the Earth. This distant lack of knowledge about the seas had led human beings to become uninterested and ignorant about the condition in which

How does Marine Plastic Pollution affects Human?

Marine Plastic Pollution Humans

How much plastic does a man use? Researchers at Columbia University’s Earth Observatory recently studied the digestive tract of shrimp from the supermarket to determine what they ate. A small application of red dye immediately led to a surprising discovery: the stomach of a shrimp intended for human consumption contained seven pieces of plastic. This

How does marine Pollution affect animals?

How marine Pollution affect animals

An astounding amount of wastes enters the oceans every year which has increased over the past 60 years. Over 80% of the sources of marine pollution are due to land-based activities. Every day, government, big multinational companies or organizations are announcing or inventing some ways to tackle the problem which is mainly plastics. The oceans