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Peacock Model of Urban Design – Sustainable Urban Habitations/Eco Cities

Network Environmental Assets

Abstract  Urban development is explained through planning, architectural and critical theoretical perspectives. The concept of peacock model comes as the living being tries to extricate itself from today’s polluted environment, this model resolves the problem by merging the buildings, waste management systems, Green and Blue Infrastructure into a cohesive whole by bringing nature close to

The Choking of the Millennium City Gurugram

Gurgaon City

Air Pollution and Human Health In 2018, the WHO reported that 14 out of the world’s most polluted 15 cities are from India and the country falls in the deadliest air polluters. The latest Lancet Study, led by national experts, also reported that air pollution caused 1.24 million deaths in 2015. The global stats say

Urban Planning & COVID-19 | Density, Travel Demand, Water & Hygiene

Urban Planning & Covid 19 - Coronavirus

Urban Response to the COVID- 19 Pandemic The field of urban planning has always evolved with the cultural trends, and major crisis played its role. The cholera epidemic in the 19th century gave birth to the concept of the sanitation system. Respiratory disease in overcrowded slums of Europe necessitated the introduction to housing regulations around

Benefits of 3D modelling in Urban Planning

Urban Planning, a relatively new profession, is becoming a point of interest for more and more people. The importance has been realised lately but certainly. The need to have better & more efficient cities cannot be neglected anymore. Scientists and researchers come up with new discovery and reports about how crucial it is to use