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How Cities Are Getting Smart Using Artificial Intelligence

Smart Cities Using AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) deals with the use of machines that act in similar (or maybe higher) intellectual capacities as humans. It is a term most often used for machines that replicate cognitive human abilities in relating to their environment and other humans. Artificially intelligent computers are designed for certain things, some of which include learning, problem-solving,

Building Unique Cities TEDx talk – Insights

resilient city

Did you know that over 60% of the infrastructure the world will see in place by 2030 is yet to be built (World Bank)? A large part of it will be built in Asian cities, and that is because over 60% of the increase in the world’s urban population by 2030 will occur in Asia.

5 Examples of Waterfront Cities

Waterfront City Venice Italy

Waterfronts are a great place to relax and unwind after a long day. They provide cities with a good public space to explore the space and most waterfront cities also connect other centers of the city by their prime location. From Chicago to Auckland, most western cities have a waterfront area especially if they are

5 Leading Examples of Public Spaces

5 Must Read Books on Public Spaces

As I’ve stated in my previous articles, public spaces are an important aspect of a city. It gives people a reason to rest, travel, take time off their busy schedules and escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy traffic on the roads. This article will focus on 5 public spaces around the world

Tips to Encourage Walking in Cities

Walking People

Walkability is a term that is often used in urban planning in the present generation. More and more cities are making use of parks and other spaces including malls and apartment buildings to provide a space for people to walk. Walking in a city is a great way to exercise and also explore the city