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Changes and History of Regional Planning in India

History of Regional Planning India

The impetus that led to the origin of regional planning in India was the rapid urbanization and industrialization that India faced after independence in 1947. Along with this urbanization, regional disparities increased within rural and urban areas mainly in terms of concentration of economic opportunities. Apart from this, planning was practiced as piecemeal projects earlier

NCR Regional Plan – National Capital Region 2021 | India

NCR Region India

The unprecedented growth of metropolitan cities in the country has become a source of serious concern to Government, on the one hand, and metro-city corporators, planners, demographers and social scientists, on the other. The Census 2001 reveals that the number of million-plus cities has almost tripled over the last three decades, jumping from a mere

Delhi Master Plan 2021 by Delhi Development Authority (DDA)

Delhi Master Plan 2021

Delhi Master Plan 2021 or MPD 2021 Delhi master plan tries to address numerous problems which are faced by residents in the city and provide policies to solve these problems. Study of Master Plan of Delhi is also important as it acts as guideline for various other cities and is one of the most comprehensive master

Chandigarh Master Plan by Le Corbusier

Chandigarh Master Plan

Chandigarh Master Plan by Le Corbusier Chandigarh master plan was made by Le Corbusier. He conceived the Chandigarh Master Plan as analogous to human body, with a clearly defined head (the Capitol Complex, Sector 1), heart (the City Centre Sector-17), lungs (the leisure valley, innumerable open spaces and sector greens), the intellect (the cultural and educational