Terra the Turtle

Terra the Turtle Photo

Hello Terra!

Slow and steady wins the race! This was one of the first morals every child learned at their homes and schools. This moral value is also reiterated when we learn about planning theory and techniques. The way how we planners formulate our plans is with a steady goal in mind, with carefully thought techniques, to make decisions that are the most effective. Just like the turtle in the story, he realizes his potential and takes steady steps to accomplish the final task.

This is Terra the turtle! Terra is a reminder to the readers that planners plan cities with well managed and well-planned efforts. It might be a seemingly slow process, but the timely interventions, optimality of resources, and the struggle to beat all odds and resolve issues of the citizens will enable the planners to succeed and cross the finish line! Terra is here to remind you about your determination, perseverance, and emotional strength, that will lead our future urban thinkers to be the better planners of tomorrow.

We aren’t done yet, there is more to Terra… it’s young, lively, full of positivity and moving forward. Inspite of being online for 7 years, we still consider Planning Tank as nascent. Just a couple of years of experience has taught us innumerable things and a much better understanding of the issues we are trying to solve. Terra will always remind us to keep moving forward, stay young & energetic, have fun and be full of positivity. And we are here to answer some of the frequently asked questions about Terra.

FAQs about Terra the Turtle


Q) Is it a tortoise or a turtle? 

A) Terra resembles both a Tortoise and Turtle, however we are more inclined towards the turtle side. We love tortoise as well but we chose to move forward with Terra the “Turtle”. We care about land, we care about water and we care about the air too! (unfortunately we never came across a flying turtle or tortoise, but we are good with Turtles being amphibians for this matter.

Q) Why the name “Terra”?

A) As per Oxford dictionary, in Latin Terra means “Earth” or “Land”. The subject of Planning deals largely with the land and thus the name was apt. Also, it’s related to our mission of happy, healthy and sustainable human settlements.

Q) Is Terra a part of Planning Tank® or Planning Times™?

A) Terra the Turtle is a Mascot for Planning Tank®, we revealed it when we launched our online newsletter Planning Times™. It is used for both Planning Tank and Planning Times.

Q) I found Terra stickers which were uber cool, how do I get one?

A) We are in process of sending stickers and merchandise of Terra the Turtle. You might find Terra stickers on your friend’s laptop, on your colleague’s notebook, a tablet or phone or even on a car! Stay tuned to get your own copy, we feature phots of Terra on our Instagram account as sent by our members.

Terra Avatars & Stickers

Terra the Turtle, beloved mascot of Planning Tank got some cool avatars. Check them out below!


Terra Avatars and Stickers Set 1 Terra Avatars and Stickers Set 2