About Us

Our Aim

To serve as a unified platform to meet all the requirements of the Planning community. Our work and initiatives have a global impact and empower our users worldwide. There is a dire need to create, collect, organize and market the information. We act as a centralized platform working tirelessly to achieve this. Providing one place for students, academicians, practitioners, professionals and urban enthusiasts. We bring the best of technology and educational resources, promote networking and increase awareness for:

Happy, Healthy & Sustainable Human Settlements


What makes us unique

Planning Tank is India’s largest and one of the most visited Urban, Regional & Rural Planning platforms globally. Founded in 2013 to provide immediate access to information for students and save their time, we soon realised that the problem was not just limited to a specific place – it was a global issue. Since then, we have been working to provide information resources and knowledge sharing for everyone. We cover the following aspects by various means:

  1. Information Resources for Urban Planners
  2. Urban Journalism (Explanatory & Column)
  3. Data Sources, analysis & presentation
  4. Geographic Information System (GIS)
  5. Academic Writing
  6. Environment & sustainable development

Our Verticals:

Over the past few years, we have expanded in different directions so as to fulfil the different requirements of our multifaceted community. Our initiatives remain first of their kind in India, and are appreciated and brought to significant use by people worldwide. We are listing our existing and upcoming verticals below:

  1. Planning Tank (main website) – This is our main website which houses all the articles, and remains an entry point for all our verticals. We host a variety of educational and information content along with the survey templates, quizzes and other types of content on our main website.
  2. Job Portal – Job Portal for Urban Planners. Our team looks for the most relevant and latest work opportunities from multiple sources, while providing information with proper links and sources for everyone’s convenience.
  3. Discussion Forum – A platform with multiple use cases while fulfilling the need of a discussion forum. It acts as a forum, repository, reference document and a link amongst multiple other uses.
  4. Academy – For providing a much better learning experience and providing resources in a more structured manner, we are working with multiple professionals, organisations and students so as to bring home the best & refined learning resources for the community.
  5. Team – A workplace for our team – used for collecting ideas and brainstorming. All the behind the stage action takes place on our team section.
  6. Training – Specialized platform for Onboarding, training and documentation

Coming soon (beta)

  1. Help – A self help and learning place for our users. With the increased complexity and growing initiatives by Planning Tank, addressing queries in an efficient manner remains our priority. It shall be a support hub for everything you need to know about us & connect with us.
  2. Forms – Our self hosted solution for surveys, feedbacks, registrations etc. This helps in gaining better control of our data, and provides much needed customisations for our varied needs.

The story behind the name “Planning Tank”

“Planning Tank” is the identity of the Planning Block of the School of Planning & Architecture, Delhi, which is divided into two different blocks namely Planning Block (serving administrative and planning education purposes) and Architecture Block (serving architectural education purposes).

Within the Planning Block, almost all the students hang out on “Planning Tank”; it’s actually a tank for storing water and can be considered, and is considerably used as a big raised stage. Until 2015, it had a number of messages/wishes/quotes written on it by the alumni of SPA Delhi. Its perpetual use as a place for a ‘Think Tank’ is something which has remained unchanged in the college and provides an identity to the college.

While discussing the idea of a website for planners and thinking about the history of Planning Education in India, the thought of keeping the name of the website as “Planning Tank” crossed our minds, for the name is a part of the identity of the first ever college in India which started imparting undergrad planning education.

Planning Tank SPA Delhi Photo

Picture Credits: Riya Gupta, B.Plan SPA Delhi (2013-17)
Text in picture (originally Hindi) – Come, let me take you to the Golden SPA (School of Planning & Architecture)
Location: School of Planning & Architecture, (Planning Block), I.P. Estate, Delhi, India

The website was started as the need to provide quality information to our readers. We realized the problems faced by planners and the time and efforts wasted in trying to find the required information. The need for information to be adequate, neither too brief, nor too detailed, has been kept in mind while making the website which is perfect for planners. The content available on the website contains topics from the various subjects taught in Planning Colleges or which we feel shall be beneficial for them. We do have additional information which is added from time to time keeping in mind the changes in the professional field.

Let’s make a difference, together!

For Educational Institutions, Companies, Organisations & Freelancers: We provide a wide range of services and collaboration opportunities. We always look forward to meaningful collaborations and partnerships. These range from advertisements, digital publishing, research, digital marketing, branding solution and website evaluations. To know more, please visit – Join Us (opens in new tab)

For Students & Individuals: We believe that no step is small enough to go unnoticed. We are proud of the endless small and big contributions made by our readers which help us in bringing you nothing but the best. Your small steps act as encouragement for our team and reflects the  spirit of volunteerism and knowledge without barriers. To know more, please visit – Get Involved (opens in new tab)

Our Service Heads:

Our area of expertise cuts across various sectors which makes us one stop solution provider for your requirements. We provide solutions for:
  1. Consultancy: We offer consultancy services in the field of Urban Planning and also work with conducting surveys, report making, independent research & analysis for your projects.
  2. Publications: Planning Tank is the most favoured publishing platform, we work with wide variety of content. We are open to articles, reports, analysis, dissertation & thesis abstracts, quizzes etc. We also offer publishing solution in form of newsletter content – “Planning Times” which is sent to thousands of our readers.
  3. Advertising: Your presence on one of the most reputed and trusted platform helps you gain trust within your field of expertise. We work with wide range of advertising options such as display ads, guest posting, reviews, newsletter ads and sponsored content, etc.
  4. Marketing: Advertising alone might not be the ideal and complete solution for all. We thus offer you extended services for successful marketing campaigns. Leveraging the power of social media, our various verticals and partners, Planning Tank offers you a complete peace of mind.
  5. Branding: Unleash the power of branding for your audacious ideas. Utilise the best of our experience, strategy and technology to leave a mark. Get in touch with us to explore our custom branding solutions when looking beyond advertising and marketing campaigns.

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