Our Team

PlanningTank is a creation of people from diverse background just like planning in itself. Our team include both professionals and students from both planning and non planning background. Apart from the existing team members we have our users who have supported in keeping PlanningTank afloat in one way or other. Meet our fantastic team !!!

Shubham Aggarwal
Founder & Manager
Shubham Aggarwal is a B.Planner from School of Planning & Architecture, Delhi and a web enthusiast. He has over 7 years of experience in the web industry and served as President at NOSPlan.
Malvika Paliwal
Malvika Paliwal is an Urban Planner who likes writing about the topics which are a mix of urban planning and economics. Her articles have been published at various platforms. Apart from this affordable housing also adds to her list of interest
Naveen Bhaurah
Naveen is an Urban Planner currently pursuing Master in City Planning from IIT Kharagpur. He has done his Undergraduate degree in Planning from School of Planning & Architecture Delhi. Transportation planning & its effect on environment adds to his list of interest. He is passionate about using modern day tech to solve the traffic chaos!
Hrishiraj Sharma
Hrishiraj has experience of working at various levels in Gujarat & Assam, a regular writer of Assamese news papers and magazine, he is an Architect Planner by profession.
Aakriti is a student of School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Physical Planning. She loves writing and is an avid reader. Urban planning theory, development planning and inclusive planning practices tend to evoke her thoughts. Also, she is the Associate Editor for NOSPlan.
Mukul Kogje
Meme Maker
Creative young architect. Sketching and Urban Enthusiast. Management dabbler. Co-founder and manager at Urban Sketchers, Nagpur. Bibliophile and An Urban Sketcher.
Arpit Batra
Web Manager
Arpit is pursuing his B.Planning from School of Planning & Architecture, Delhi. He is always eager to learn new technology and brings us the best in industry.
Ankit Tyagi
Ankit is a computer science engineer from ITM University, Gurgaon (now Northcap University). He is passionate about making best of technology in all possible way.
Shashank Aggarwal
Social Media Manager
Shashank is pursuing Economics (H) from Delhi University and a part time blogger and entrepreneur. He believes in life is an experiment, try whatever you feel like. Experiment with your interest and one day you will eventually gain success.

To contact any of our team member or to be a part of our team, drop us a mail at hello@planningtank.com with your query/suggestion/feedback.