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We offer guest post opportunities if the content is relevant, useful for our users & follows guidelines.

  • For students, teachers, academicians & industry experts
  • For NGOs and other not-for-profit organizations
  • Companies/ Organisation looking to reach a wider audience
  • For bloggers looking to promote personal website/services
  • 3rd Party services engaged in selling & reselling guest posts or sponsored posts.

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Why post on Planning Tank®?

Started in 2013, Planning Tank evolved as a favourite destination for students, academicians, business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in Urban Planning, Data Analysis, GIS, Digital Marketing & allied fields. Writing for Planning Tank will allow you to achieve the following:

  • Your article will be read by thousands of readers
  • Become a recognized name in your community by connecting with your readers
  • Create the opportunity for your article to appear on countless search engines & gain an SEO advantage
  • Increase your personal and business credibility in the different sections you may cover
  • Create the opportunity to coincide your article with our blogging community
  • Sell advertising space and earn commissions or actual employment (optional)

To know more about our broad focus area and relevant topics visit “About Planning Tank” page, download our Media Kit or get involved

Planning Tank seeks high-quality content that meets the following criteria:

  • Must be in English 1000+ words & unique (each submission is checked for plagiarism)
  • Have images (optional) that both you and Planning Tank have the right to publish.
  • Have a relevant title, divided into paragraphs (150-200 words) supported by relevant headings/ subheadings
  • Generic headings/ sub-headings to structure your article can be:
    • Introduction/ Overview/ A brief history/definition
    • Few lines on what does the topic deal with and few closely related topics
    • Additional paragraphs on the aspects you wish to cover on the main topic.
    • Pros & Cons or Other comparisons (if applicable)
    • Supporting facts/ conclusions/ examples
  • Add bullet points and tables as necessary
  • Add the link to relevant existing articles on our website/ other websites
  • Add sources/ references if facts and figures are being used to give proper credits. Specific URLs should be provided and not just the home page URL.

Note: We will edit your post prior to publication. All posts are edited (if required) by our in-house copy editor to ensure our brand, voice, and quality is consistent. We reserve the right to remove portions of your post that we deem unnecessary. Internal links to other content on PlanningTank.com may be added to your post.

Author Bio & Content ownership

Author Bio: Provide a short author bio ( 2-3 sentences) that contains information about you & your business.
Content Ownership: If your post is accepted, you grant a license for PlanningTank.com to be the exclusive publisher of your content and transfer all copyright to Planning Tank. You may link to the article or republish short excerpts from it – on your own blog for instance – but the post in its entirety should not be published elsewhere.

Note: Content Ownership Exceptions: If your contribution forms a part of academic study/research the ownership for your research & content remains with you, Planning Tank reserves publishing rights in such case. If it requires publishing on other platforms then you must inform us and contact for more information.

  1. Once your article is in accordance with the guidelines listed above, you may send us your submission through e-mail as MS Word file. 
  2. If found to be in compliance with our content quality guidelines, the post will be published in less than a week after receiving it. You will be informed about the same through email. In case of delay, you will be provided an update with the reason for the delay and revised date of publication.
  3. Your article will be published from one of our administrator accounts

Is there any fee involved or any other publishing/editorial charges?

Both free and paid options are available decided based on the requirements. All, the contributions are published free of charge unless you have a specific requirement of direct or indirect promotion, for which a publication fee may be charged. A charge is applicable if you have one or more than one of the below-mentioned requirements:

  • Publishing content at priority
  • Contributions made for the purpose of gaining SEO advantages (include by means of product/service specific articles, link building, product review/ opinion, any promotional content).
  • Direct or indirect promotion
  • Linking to your client websites or promoting your own services
  • Content is written by our team
  • Sponsored articles

Let us know if there is any confusion or clarification required. In case of any applicable fee, required information will be provided to you before publishing the content.

Linking Policy & Nature of Links

  1. Planning Tank reserves the right to add/ remove or modify the links in submitted content with or without prior approval.
  2. All external links are kept as no-follow by default unless agreed upon for do-follow link. We add do-follow internal links and external links as deemed necessary from time to time.
  3. All the external links are kept for a duration of 1 year unless a different duration has been agreed upon. They are not permanent.
  4. If required, references may be kept in the form of plain text URL (without hyperlinking).
  5. In case of any clarification, get in touch with the link which you wish to place and confirm the possibility of its placement
  6. Following links are not allowed in guest posts
    1. Any adult, hate speech or illegal links
    2. Casino, Gambling, Poker, Get Rich Quick and any such games/services involving money and high risk of investment.
    3. Affiliate links (unless agreed upon), product purchase pages, coupon pages which directly/ indirectly links to product purchase pages
    4. Medication, Drugs or similar potential abusive substance
    5. Landing pages which endorse or promote any of the above links/content

Liability & Disclaimer: Planning Tank® is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss incurred due to content published on Planning Tank or because of any link present on the website. Planning Tank® does not have control over the links appearing on the website and thus cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect loss in any manner. However, we regularly check all the links for their functionality and usefulness. Users are advised to exercise caution and perform required checks before taking any action/ making a purchase by following the links appearing on our website.