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Started in 2014 Planning Tank has evolved as a favourite destination for students and general public interested in Urban Planning, Data Analysis, GIS and who wish to broaden their knowledge about cities and how they function.This page is dedicated to provide information about guest posting on PlanningTank.com and for advertisement visit “Advertisement Options With PlanningTank” OR use our contact form. Writing for PlanningTank will allow you to achieve the following:

  • Your article will be viewed by thousands of readers
  • Create the opportunity for your article to appear on countless search engines
  • Increase your personal and business credibility in the different sections you may cover
  • Become a recognized name in your community by connecting with your readers
  • Create the opportunity to coincide your article with our blogging community
  • Sell advertising space and earn commissions or actual employment (optional)

We DO NOT accept random articles. Send us an email at hello@planningtank.com so we can learn more about you and the specific categories that strikes your interest. Please include the following in your email:

First & Last Name:
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Category of Interest:

Special notes to editorial staff:

After the approval process is complete, we will allow submissions to our online community and you will be recognized as a contributing writer or editor.


PlanningTank seeks high quality content that meets the following criteria:

  • Must be in English 1000+ words & unique (each submission is checked for plagiarism)
  • Should have atleast 2 images that both you and PlanningTank have the right to publish.
  • Divided into paragraphs (approx. 150 words) supported by relevant headings/ sub headings
  • Have a catchy title for the article and have sub headings in the article to divide it into parts as it makes easier to read.
  • Generic headings/ sub-headings to structure your article can be:
    • Introduction/ Overview/ A brief history/definition
    • Few lines on what does the topic deals with and few closely related topics
    • Additional paragraphs on the aspects you wish to cover on the main topic.
    • Pros & Cons or Other comparisons (if applicable)
    • Supporting facts/ conclusions/ examples
  • Add bullet points and tables
  • Add link to relevant existing articles on website
  • Add sources/ references if facts and figures are being used to give proper credits. Specific url should be provided and not just the home page url.

Note: We will edit your post prior to publication. All PlanningTank.com blog posts are edited (if required) by our in-house copy editor to ensure our brand, voice and quality are consistent. We reserve the right to remove portions of your post that we deem unnecessary. Internal links to other content on PlanningTank.com may be added to your post.


PlanningTank focuses on providing a better understanding of work and role of a planner to general public. Our information caters to the need of information about town planning for a student thinking of pursuing planning education, helps student and professional planners by providing information about the latest advancements in field of planning and providing them with information on various planning and related topics. Apart from Urban Planning we frequently cover information related to:

  • Real Estate
  • Latest happening affecting human settlements
  • Academic writing
  • Job opportunity
  • Data Analysis, presentation, big data, Artificial Intelligence
  • Urban & Land Economics
  • Specialised Higher Education
  • Memes
  • Information about institutions offering planning education
  • Organisations & agencies dealing with Planning


  • Author bio: Provide a short author bio ( 2-3 sentences) that contains information about you & your business,
  • Guest post ownership: If your post is accepted, you grant a license for PlanningTank.com to be the exclusive publisher of your content. You may link to the article or republish short excerpts from it – on your own blog for instance – but the post in its entirety should not be published elsewhere.


  1. Send your completed guest post in a MS Word document to hello@planningtank.com along with the featured image and up to two more. Make sure your submission adheres to the guest post standards listed above.
  2. If found to be in compliance with our content quality guidelines, the post will be published in few days after receiving it. You will be informed about the same through e-mail.