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Importance of Information Processing Theory

Information Processing Theory Importance

Information processing theory is the study of neuroscience and psychology development of children. This approach based on assumption including attention, perception, and short-term memory. Information processing in humans resembles in the computer. Humans and computer adopt the same way of information. We are attending a particular activity we ignore other work but our mind is

Types of Management Information System

Types of Management Information System

Management information system uses information technology for collecting and communicating information a company uses to operate. Every function of the business produces its own data be it financial or operational and as a result, requires a separate information system of its own to keep a track of it all. There are many types of MIS

Basics of Management Information System | Planning Tank

Management Information System

A management information system is a computerized database for storing financial information to be used at all levels in the management. The information is stored in such a manner that it helps produce regular reports. It’s mainly beneficial to the managers to analyze their performance. Top level management can monitor the entire company with the

Importance of Data Management – All you need to know

Importance of Data Management

Basic points about Technology & Data What technology can be considered the most promising and useful for business? Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, big data? It depends on the industry specifics of a particular company and the processes that need to be improved, you say. And you will be right. However, does it matter what

Data Centers | Need & Challenges

Data Centers Need Challenges

Businesses are generating huge amounts of data causing a considerable reliance on off-site storage facilities. These warehouse-sized  buildings are called ‘data centers’, and are beginning to emerge across urbanised areas. A growing population and the demand for larger homes are not the only pressures on existing Australian cities. Data centers will be the next planning