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What is Data Cleaning?

Data Cleaning

What is involved in data cleaning Data Cleaning, also called as data cleansing, is the process of correcting & reducing inaccurate data and improving the quality of input data. This is done by identifying and resolving problems in a dataset such as inaccuracy, error, outdated data, irrelevant data, missing data, incorrectly formatted data, duplication or

What Is Data Management?

Data Management

Data management is a process that includes collecting, validating, storing, protecting, and using data securely and efficiently. Data management helps an organization and its employee to optimize data usage under the regulations and policies. It helps them make decisions and take appropriate measures to maximize the benefit of the organization. Over the years, organizations are

6 Applications of Real-Time Data Analysis in the Modern World

Profession- Data analysis

Thanks to the ongoing developments in information technology, real-time data analysis has become one of the most powerful tools that businesses of all shapes and sizes can leverage in order to achieve efficiency, growth, stability, and financial success. For example, by tracking daily trends in customer purchases in real time, a retail company can figure out

Global Positioning System (GPS) – Brief History & Use


Below is some general information and some history of the use of the global positioning system. What is a global positioning system? The world would not be as it is today without the extensive use of a global positioning system. Navigators and explorers have constantly searched for a system that would enable them to locate

Importance of Information Processing Theory

Information Processing Theory Importance

Information processing theory is the study of neuroscience and psychology development of children. This approach based on assumption including attention, perception, and short-term memory. Information processing in humans resembles in the computer. Humans and computer adopt the same way of information. We are attending a particular activity we ignore other work but our mind is