Top Unbeatable Structural Design Software to add Perks in your Engineering Capabilities

Those ancient days have gone whenever a task of any field, especially engineering, takes days or months to accomplish. For example, civil engineers took hundreds of hours to identify and analyze different structures. They utilized pen and paper for the drafting of specific structures. As a result, they commit mistakes in their assignments due to plodding actions.

However, hats off to the modern technology that has forged the lives of structural engineers with the spark of flawless software. Whether an engineer wants to analyze the structure of the building or its drafting, specific software supplies sheer functionalities to its users.

Further, each software comes into existence by developers keeping peculiar background knowledge in their minds. Consequently, a structural engineer must have a solid understanding of the software that he tends to use for analyzing definite projects. For your handiness, we have imparted a list of the top 10 nifty structural analysis software. So, continue reading to learn more.



Computer and Structures Inc (CSI) is the development company of ETABS. It started working in 1990 for redeeming civil engineers. One of the most prominent feathers in its cap is the design of Burj Khalifa that finalized after ETABS structural evaluation by a renowned Chicago company.

The base of ETABS is the application of finite element analysis (FEA). It does not matter that you are building a structure for a skyscraper or a single-story structure; you will get efficient tools by using ETABS software.

With its three-dimensional structural specialities, it has the potential to execute numerous functions. First of all, an engineer can get an idea about gravity and wind loads. Next, it can efficiently check the gravity that seems impossible without software.

Moreover, significant displacement effects are also implemented in the process of analysis. Then, P-Delta is another feature that applies whenever an engineer wants to conduct time-history analysis through modelling or the direct-integration method. Grab a free trial of ETABS quickly to get practical insight.


Whenever you are looking for 3d structural designing or analyzing software, STAAD PRO by BENTLEY is the finest choice. You can scrutinize every structure without considering its size and category because it is suitable for all structures.

Additionally, it empowers engineers to generate steel, aluminium, timber, and concrete structures. Again, manufacturing of walls, columns, and beams is also possible through STAAD PRO. Then, it handles the production of load and load combination design. An engineer is also free to create documentation of his design.

Moreover, STAAD PRO is reachable for every structural engineer without drawing boundaries. The reason is that it allows more than ninety (90) countries’ citizens to operate this portal for their convenience in the structural engineering industry. Check now this software for grabbing its identical benefits.


One of the essential software for structural designers is Tribby3d. For multi-story and single-story designing, you have to utilize this tool. Whenever you require to calculate tributary areas, takedowns for column loading, and element loading, Tribby3d is the best selection.

Undoubtedly, a good-looking interface of software attracts more users as compared to rough visualization. Tribby3d fulfils each requirement that can grab the attention of customers. For example, it consists of aesthetic icons or outputs that appeal to the buyers.

Sometimes, structural engineers complain that they do not have enough space to install the software in their systems. It is suitable for those because you can use it directly on any web browser without further downloading.

Strand 7 

If you are looking for organizing and remove complex structural models, Strand 7 has superiority over other software. It utilizes a group tree tool for accomplishing this task. Next, you can also create models and assess them through them.

Frequently, a structural engineer wants to send some design elements from one model to another. For this purpose, Strand 7 gives you an opportunity to open different models at a time.

Its visualization is also very clear and eye-catchy. Everything is just away from one click, whether you need to analyze graphs, vectors, or contours. Further, you can deeply study each of your developed structure’s elements.


For concrete systems, RAPT endeavours excellent design and analysis systems. Several years ago, efficient developers of the RAPT who belong to Australia have manufactured this software for helping structural engineers.

AS 3600-2100, BS 8100, Eurocode-2, and ACI 318/99 UBC are the primitive design standards that have the capacity to work in this software. However, if you wish to utilize any other standard, it does not require any hard and fast rules. You can simply incorporate it through an option, settings.

If you are an engineer and want to buy this software, you can immediately contact the RAPT team. Then purchase a full or partial package according to your need. However, do not forget to understand the fundamentals of this software before using it.


Belong CSI family; SAFE helps structural engineers for foundation design of slabs made of concrete. From designing to foundation systems, every tool is available for its users in this particular software. You do not need to move any other software if you have sound knowledge and access to it.

Often, many structural engineers are required to import some data from any other application. For them, it has an option of importing details from spreadsheets, databases, or CAD programs. Moreover, it facilitates users for a quick layout of any model.

Then, drawing features of SAFE is exceptional. With the assistance of snap, trim, or extend, fillet, Grid, circular/spline-curve controls, you can draw any structure of a concrete slab that you or your client need for a specific purpose.


It is one of the marvellous software that many structural engineers need for designing any shape on a professional level. For structuring beams and columns, it is the ultimate choice for engineers that allow working smoothly without any complications.

In addition, the exportation of structural models, mainly from BIM and CAD, is an easy task to do by using this software. For example, you design trusses in this software. Then, you can export it too without adding a further cost to your buying package.

For designing, stimulations must be fast. For acquiring this potential, this software gets support from a tool known as a smart matrix solver. Then working under the hood, it gains a multi-core processor for helping in increasing stimulation speed.

RAM Concept 

Suppose you do not have enough budget to purchase high-level structural engineering software for analyzing and designing concrete slabs. In that case, RAM Concept can also fulfil your requirement in an optimal budget.

Moreover, you can design floor systems with the help of the RAM Concept system. For practical and reliable features in your structural software, experts prefer to use it. It further helps to elevate your design efficiency by taking a small amount of time.

In addition, if an engineer faces a problem in drawing complex geometries for modelling, he can help from RAM Concept as it makes the complicated design process handy and straightforward. Then, its 3d characteristics permit analysis of flat slabs for multi-story buildings. So, you can accomplish any structural task by using this efficient tool without any difficulty.

SAP 2000

Do you know the origin of SAP 2000 is approximate forty-five years before? Like ETABS, Computers and Structures Inc (CSI) has also launched this software. However, it is preferred over ETABS if any structural engineer needs generalization in their examining procedure.

Whether you want to analyze or design 2d models or 3d, it can comply with your terms. Another point covered by SAP 2000 is the structural optimization of an outstanding module.

Next, if your requirement as a structural engineer is higher, you can also deal with this software for handling complex structures, including membranes or shells. Its subscription price begins at $2000. So, hurry up to buy without being late.

RAM Connection 

Aside from concrete slabs, the designing of steel connections has its own importance in civil engineering. For structuring and framing steel, connections are somewhat challenging compared to general design elements.

Further, we know that it is prepared for civil engineers by a famous company named Bentley. RAM and STAAD Pro are also products of this organization. As a result, it is quite an obvious thing that they are interrelated to one another.

The best point is that it is a cost-effective tool without compromising its quality. So, it has the stamina to boost the efficiency of our design.

Final Thoughts 

In summary, exploration of the right software engineering software is not a kids’ game. Hence, you should pay a considerable amount of attention to the features of every software before purchasing it.

In this writing piece, we have bestowed a list of 10 software that can prove effective for you. Now it depends on you what will you decide to buy according to your demands.

However, the last point to notice is that the skills of a proficient engineer matter a lot. If an engineer has no solid knowledge about his field, any software will be useless for him. So, we recommend grabbing complete competency in your field. After it, go for purchasing an authentic structural structure.

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