Let’s Plan

Planning for Happy, Healthy & Sustainable Human Settlements. Be a part of our team if you excel at identifying problems, adopting multidisciplinary approach and delivering solutions. Be a part of our remote team to address the various challenges faced by urban planners and allied professionals.

Role/ Division Openings
Content Manager
Digital Marketing 1 (freelancer)
Growth Hacker 1
Content Writing
IT Manager
Graphic Designer
Software/ Game Developer
Volunteer NA (always open)

Create Your own Job!

We are always open to new talent, working closely with people who are difficult to put under one label due to a variety of skill sets they possess. If you are a maverick, waiting might not be a part of your routine. Shoot us an email/ message with details on how and why you will be a great fit, what you plan to bring to the table and we will take it further. We will hear your audacious areas and work on it together to make it a reality. Talent from all disciplines and even those who lack any formal degree/ certification are welcomed!