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Settlement Geography

Geddesian Triad

Patrick Geddes

Introduction to Geddesian Triad Sir Patrick Geddes Theory is self-explanatory. Geddes was thinking about the relation between people and the places and their impacts on each other.  He mentioned that people may not just need to have a good shelter, but they also do have a need for food, work, and some social life. They

Satellite City

Satellite City Structure

The satellite city is one of the popular concepts in the urban planning. It is the small metropolitan area is located near to the large metropolitan area. The satellite town has the traditional downtown that surrounded by the neighborhoods of inner city.  It is the concept of the satellite that the man made satellite was

Galactic City Model

Galactic City Model

The word galactic is derived from the word Galaxy in astronomy. Galaxy is a gravitationally bound system of stars, planets and other celestial bodies in the universe. Galaxy is a word derived from “Galaktikos” which means milky circle. These celestial bodies in the galaxy usually revolve around a center gravitational pull of a galaxy. So

Hoyt Model or Sector Model (1939) of Urban Land Use by Homer Hoyt

Hoyt Model or sector model

Urban areas have always been an area of research and caught the attention of scholars and academicians. Homer Hoyt gave sector model which is also known as Hoyt model in 1939 explains how cities grew. As we witness the population growth it is becoming more and more essential to understand how cities work. Studies on patterns

The Rank-Size Rule by George Zipf (1949)

The concept of Rank-Size Rule or Rank-Size Distribution The Rank-Size Rule was revealed in both developed and underdeveloped countries when the cumulative frequency of cities with a population of greater than twenty thousand people was ranked against the size of a city on a log-normal scale. The distribution of city sizes in terms of population in