Thesis Submission

In our latest attempt of improving human settlements by means of better networking between industry & students, increased awareness about planning and providing a single platform for everyone in the community, we wish to have a central place for thesis & research work.

We understand that you did hard-work in your project and tried your level best to make it useful. But somehow after all the hard work your thesis/research work is kept in the library and is seldom referred by others as people are making internet their priority and if they are unable to find the required information on the internet than they move to a library. Getting access to your awesome work becomes somewhat difficult and tiring while searching in the library. Your research work is many a time all the required information which a person is looking for. Its existence will not be known till the time it is discoverable for the reader.

Also, we do realize that the work done is a result of your efforts and time for which you deserve due credits and should be acknowledged. Your thesis is given importance at many companies/ institutions and is useful for showing your skills and showing them what sets you apart from others. By contributing to PlanningTank you will get the chance to publish part of your work which will be available on the website and can be accessed by thousands of our users which include distinguished academicians, professional, planning students, students from other fields, school students among the general public. The information which is being asked for has been finalized after due discussion and deliberation among students and professionals. Most of the contributors were willing to share the information which has been asked for in the attached format as it does not give anyone chance to take credit for your work.

Readers will get an idea about what you did and what was the outcome along with the solution/suggestions provided by you. This will be beneficial in the following manner:

• Potential job/work opportunity based on your work
• Get targeted and required audience to read about your work
• Possible media exposure
• The reader might be an implementation agency and your work will get a chance to make a difference in reality
• Help other students in understating the topics of research
• Increase awareness about the diverse nature of planning and making the profession better

You might have seen that the information about job vacancies, quizzes, competitions etc are shared by single individuals by posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and some direct emails. Because of this scattered information, you may perhaps miss the opportunity. By sharing your work you will have another chance and this will provide a much larger audience waiting to read about your work.
Note: We understand that you will never wish to get spammed so your email id will not be published on website and it will be kept with PlanningTank only. In case someone is interested in getting more information about your work then we will contact you and ask for your permission before providing any information. You will have complete freedom to accept or reject any offer. You can email us your work on [email protected]

P.S. – You have already done the amazing work in your project, what we are asking you is to provide it as per below mentioned sample which will not take much of your time.

Thesis Submission Sample Format