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What is Land Pooling?

Land Pooling

Pooling is a process of collecting parts in order to create something bigger. Land pooling occurs when landowners agree to give their land to an authority for development purposes. In return, landowners get certain benefits. Governments often create land pools when they plan infrastructure development. Private developers also create land pools for their future projects.

10 reasons to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate can be a rewarding investing opportunity. However, commercial real estate investments have a high potential yield compared to residential real estate. According to a study done by Manulife Asset Management, commercial real estate offers more financial rewards compared to other investments like stocks and bonds. Also Read: Major Factors Influencing the

The Major Benefits of Using Real Estate CRM

Real Estate and Block Chain

Customers are very important for real estate agents and they have to maintain a good relationship with them. Keeping the needs and preferences of a client in the mind is very important for a real estate agent to find the best property. But if an agent has multiple clients then it is difficult to maintain

Astonishing Tips For Commercial Property Investment!

Tips for Property Investment

Commercial real estate is any non-residential facility that brings income to the owner. More experienced investors are investing in commercial properties. It can be both small office and retail premises, and large buildings for warehouses, supermarkets, and production. Such premises are designed for doing business, trading or various entertainment in a big city. Related: 10