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Is real estate better than the stock market?

“Housing” is subjected to large debates with regards to investing. The real estate sector is a much sought-after subject when it is put alongside multiple investing options like trading stocks. It is often considered to be the outlet having fewer strings attached. Meaning that real estate investing does not entail grave risks, unlike many different

The Rising Influence of Buyer’s Agents in the Property Market

Apartment Selection

Since the turn of the century, Australia and New Zealand have seen the ever-increasing rise of buyer’s agents in cities across both countries. One of the main factors in their emergence of the industry in the same form that was so widespread in the United States in the last quarter of the 20th century is people’s

Investment in Dubai Supermarket: Deal or No Deal?

Dubai Super market

In the era of antagonism, Dubai is known to proceed with strong foundations and financial victories that have turned the tables around. The type and number of business opportunities in Dubai are endless. And quite honestly, there are many areas still untouched that yet need to be unfolded. One such opportunity available in UAE is

4 Major Factors Influencing the House Prices

What are the factors influencing house pricing What factors influence the house prices? This is an extremely important question asked by home buyers. But, before going into the factors that affect the property price, it is of utmost importance to know the meaning of the house price. As the house is a property, so a