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Environmental Economics


Environmental economics is the study of the financial implications of environmental policies and practices. This field of study helps to understand the theoretical and empirical aspects of environmental policies on the economy of the nation. It helps to analyze the existing policies and determine its pros and cons and also to ascertain the effectiveness of

International Environmental Law

Environmental Education

International law is a set of rules that have been agreed upon by nations to serve as a framework to establish stable and organized international relations. Although International laws were primarily laid out for Social and Economic practices it has widened to include various other fields for the global good. There has been an increased

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Education

Sustainability is an essential process that helps to maintain a balance in the environment. The constant exploitation of the environment and its resources has led to the breakdown of various ecological systems and is threatening the existence of many. Sustainability of the environment is possible only when there is a balance in the rate of

Types of environmental degradation

Air Quality

The gradual degradation of the environment is due to many factors. There are mainly three different types of environmental degradation. They are land degradation, water degradation, and air degradation. The degradation of these three environments impacts the global climate and living conditions to a great extent. All the environmental factors are dependent on one another

Environmental degradation

Land Pollution

The rise in the human population and the technological advancements have led to the overuse of the natural resources and pollution of the environment.  This has led to a depletion of all the resources and is steadily leading to an ecological imbalance in many ecosystems. This rising deterioration of the Earth and its natural resources