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What is meant by Environmental Education?

Environmental Education

Environmental Education is a multidisciplinary field that integrates subjects such as Biology, Ecology, Geography, Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and others. It aims to teach how the natural ecosystem functions and how it can be managed effectively to create a sustainable environment for all to live in. The Human impact on the earth’s ecosystem has

5 Tips for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Importance of Environmental Education

Many people are leading more sustainable lives by practicing more environmentally friendly habits. Some countries are also practicing sustainability to preserve their environment and resources for the future generation. Some practices of leading more sustainable lives are reducing plastic waste and also using resources wisely such as planting more trees and not wasting food particles.

Joint Forest Management in India: Case study of Gorela village

Joint Forest Management – History The policies and guidelines of JFM were started in Indian National Forest Policy 1988 by central govt. to encourage people’s participation in forest management, protection and conservation As an outcome of the forest policy, JFM started in West Bengal’s Bakura district, where Ajit Banerjee, a silviculturist, was conducting his trails in

Wide scale use of Solar Energy through Planning

Solar Panel Installation

Urbanization and economic development are leading to a rapid rise in energy demand in urban areas in our country leading to enhanced Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Growing concern over climate change and energy security are prompting public and private actors to make concrete long term commitments at the national and local levels to increase energy

The 5 Easiest Ways to be an Eco-Friendly Student

being eco friendly ebike

Luckily, we live in a world that is more environmentally friendly than ever. Thanks to the Paris Climate Accord, basically every country in the world is dedicated to improving their green score in a bid to save the earth. Climate change has never been more apparent, but not everyone can save the world on their