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3 pillars of sustainability | Economic, Environmental, and Social

3 pillars of sustainability

Sustainability ideally means meeting the needs of the present generation using the resources that are available without bothering the future generations to come. It can also be defined as an integration of 3 pillars of social, economic and environmental columns. Under this concept, people look for an approach that is equally balanced with long term

What Is Solid Waste Management?

Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management is the process of collecting, transporting, treating, and managing solid waste that can no longer be used. It includes recycling all the materials that can be reused for one purpose or another. Being an important aspect of urban area management, it is intended to reduce the harmful effects of waste on the

Meltwater Erosion | Meaning, Process & Implications

Meltwater Erosion

One of the most impressive features of the surfaces, soles and margins of temperature glaciers is the volume of water present in thin films, streams and ponds. Meltwater may be present in appreciable amounts in the upper parts of some subpolar glacier system. On polar glaciers, meltwater may be present at the base only where

What is Biomass Pyramid

Biomass Pyramid - Hunting

In the study of the environment, the pyramid of biomass is an important indicator of the health of ecosystems. When there is an imbalance in the pyramid, it indicates that something is going wrong in that ecosystem, and an investigation is needed. Before discussing the biomass pyramid and its impact on the environment, it’s essential

How does environmental education save animals?

Environmental Education - Save Animals

In the recent past, there has been an increased urgency for dealing with environmental issues. The environment is at a stage where it needs help to survive and be there for future generations. For this reason, many organizations are making efforts to save the environment in every way possible. Luckily, there are many ways of