Planning Tank in collaboration with NOSPlan – Organisation of Students of Planning (India), will be working on various aspects to promote Planning education. This multidimensional collaboration will help both Planning Tank & NOSPlan to move collectively towards the common goal by utilising the resources, experience and expertise of various people associated with them. Some of the items of collaboration include:

  1. Cross posting on social media accounts to cover a larger and complete audience.
  2. Providing updates and sharing information by means of email, website and other medium.
  3. Article writing and content creation to cover the need and demand of students. This will help us in identifying the gaps and challenges faced by students and prepare them better for the market.
  4. Publishing small Ebooks and booklets focused on a specific theme or topic. This will act as a quick reference/ handbook for students.
  5. Other activities as and when felt necessary or demanded by students.

To kick start the great collaboration we have started with providing a small list of topics. All the activities will be divided on monthly basis to make all the information available in a comprehensive manner.

  1. June 2020 –
  2. July 2020 – Coming Soon!

Note 1: All applicable Guidelines (NOSPlan)  –
Note 2: Applicable Terms & Conditions –
Note 3: Applicable Payment/ Honorarium –


Entries to be sent on “[email protected]

For any queries you contact us on [email protected] or [email protected]