Bus Shelter

Bus Shelter

Bus Shelters, in terms of a standard dictionaries, such as the Oxford dictionary; whose interpretations are accepted by most of the scholarly circles or the academicians of the world define it as “a roofed structure for people to wait under at a bus stop.”, or according to the very popular dictionary website, Dictionary.com, “a bus

Compliance Risk Management

Business Management

Compliance risk management is the process of managing corporate compliance to meet regulations within a workable timeframe and budget. Not every regulated company manages this particularly well, and some even consider noncompliance fines as a normal cost of doing business. Their philosophy is that the fines are far cheaper than deploying and maintaining a compliance

Importance of Greenfield development

Greenfield development refers to the process of a new structure or a building construction on a piece of land that has never undergone any progress. There are several benefits of developing anything on the Greenfield. These types of sites are mostly underdeveloped areas outside or within a locality. They are typically situated on agricultural land.

Types of Soil Pollutants

Types of soil pollutants

Soil pollution is a part of land degradation that is caused due to man-made xenobiotic chemicals or any other pollutants. These pollutants alter the natural environment of the soil and make it more toxic. Industrial activity, improper waste disposal, and agricultural chemicals are the main reasons behind soil pollution. Contamination of the soil is also