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Marine Pollution

Country: Australia Type of document: Legislation Date of text: 2012 Data source: FAOLEX Title abbreviation: An Act to protect the State’s marine and coastal environment from pollution by oil and certain other marine pollutants discharged from ships; to repeal the Marine Pollution Act 2012; and for other purposes. Glossary term(s): Transport Waste Storage ECOLEX Region:

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Environmental Protection Books

Environment Protection can be termed as the activity of protecting or saving the environment from being destroyed. The environment can be considered natural habitats and species i.e. the entire biodiversity. It is an act where we can conserve the environment and repair the damages caused to it which is quite a lengthy process requiring a

Strategic Analysis | Meaning, Use, Types, Methods

Strategic Analysis

What is Strategic Analysis The strategic analysis can be defined as a process for the research of the business environment of an organization within which the enterprise performs. Strategic analysis is required to formulate decision making strategic planning and smooth operation of the organization. With proper strategic planning, the goals or aims of the company

Learn About – Marine Pollution Act 1987 – Planning Tank

MARPOL Act 1987

Country/Territory: Australia Territorial Subdivision: New South Wales Document Type: Legislation Date: 1987 (2006) Source: FAO, FAOLEX An Act relating to the protection of the sea and certain waters from pollution by oil and other noxious substances discharged from ships; to repeal the Prevention of Oil Pollution of Navigable Waters Act 1960 and for related purposes.