The Paradox of Urbanization

Urban Governance

Urbanization is, predominantly, perceived as the engine for economic growth in the current wave of development. Urban centers are believed to be the spaces for enormous opportunities. The opportunities that cities provide are concomitant to distress in hinterlands that propels the city-ward migration in huge proportions. To define urbanization, it is the process of increase in area of urban centers and

How to make a philosophical dissertation

How to write a good thesis - write like a story

In this article we will briefly explain the way to conduct a philosophical dissertation. The dissertation is the written or discourse that discourse, understanding to speak as the action of exposing a proper and reasoned opinion on a specific topic. To note, choosing a topic is as difficult as choosing the best among two watch

New Home Storage Trends in Developments

Having enough space to store crucial possessions is a prerequisite of a happy home life yet there are no minimum space standards, building regulations, or regulations covering the planning systems for private homes. In countries like the UK, many modern day apartment complexes and other developments simply do not have enough space for people to

Child in the City International Seminar 2019

Child In The City Seminar 2019

The third Child in the City International Seminar will be held in Antwerp, Belgium 20-21 May 2019. This international seminar is being organised by the Child in the City Foundation together with the great support from the city of Antwerp the event co-host and partner.   The main theme of the seminar is: Children in

7 Types of Jobs CompTIA Network+ Certification

CompTIA Security+ Certification

The CompTIA Network+ certification is a well-known credential designed for the Information Technology specialists with at least 9 months of active networking experience. The Network+ certificate program provides you with the training and education to start a career in network administration. Getting this CompTIA certification proves that you have the professional knowledge and skills to

Emergence of Urban Areas as Spaces for Opportunities

Urbanism Houses

Urbanization as an economic process, classical view of urbanization characterizes an urban place as an economic parasite thriving on the Agricultural surplus produced in the hinterland. This argument was evident and had value during the period of emergence of ancient towns. The pre-industrial age was agrarian society despite the location whether it is rural or