Psychological disorders as a major catalyst for the damage of urban fabric in a conflict ridden zone: A case study of old town Srinagar

Sketch depicting the conflict in city

Abstract – “Houses are murdered just as their inhabitants are killed and the memories of things are slaughtered, wood, stones, glass, iron, mortar – scattered like human limbs. And cotton silk, linen, notebooks, books – all torn apart like the unspoken words of    people who did not have the time to say them.” – (Extract taken

Data Visualisation Methods | Graphs, Charts, Lines, Graphs

Data Visualization Methods

We are often overloaded with verbal information. However, the mind immediately rejects the need to read so much and prefers to have visual representations of the same data. This is data visualization. Good examples of data visualization are graphs and charts. Data visualization has applications in the formal presentations where you need to present numbers

Causes & Effects of Indoor Air Pollution

Air Pollution Cartoon

Your children are potentially breathing in toxins day and night, whether outside or inside your home. Generally, people associate air pollution with outside air, but according to the EPA, the level of indoor air pollution is estimated to be 2-5 times higher than outdoor pollution. Considering that most children spend most of their time indoors, indoor

Top 5 World’s Largest Aviation Markets 2018

Top 5 World's Largest Aviation Markets

In the next 20 years, a large portion of the development in the worldwide aviation market will originate from the Asia-Pacific locale, which will represent 55 percent, while the expansion from China will represent 28 percent in the Asia-Pacific. The quickly developing aviation market will add strain to the airport structure. Among the world’s leading 100

What is Visual Data Mining?

Data Visualization

Whether you work as a data analyst, run a data-centric startup or want to learn more about data mining as a whole, visual data mining can be an interesting place to start. According to Finances Online, 53% of companies still rely on their CFO for data analytics without delving into specialized software or data mining,