Tactical Urbanism and its Implication

Tactical Urbanism is a case-based approach to address urban problems through participatory design. Knowing what, is needed and wanted, and responding to locals is paramount to Tactical Urbanism. The open streets or street makeovers are the design concepts that are often chosen to reinvent urban streets to reclaim space for pedestrians and cyclists. Tactical urbanism is a

5 Reasons for getting Prince2 IT Certification!

Project Management

How A Prince2 IT Certification Can Help Managers To Succeed With Their Project Endeavors? If the addition of new processes and products to one’s business is your legacy and you wish to optimize this downright, a Prince2 project management course is what you need. This course involves learning theory and methods related to practical project

Types of Remote Sensing

Importance Remote Sensing

Remote sensing is the science of acquiring information about an object or the surface of the earth by measuring the energy that is emitted or reflected back from the surface. There are two basic types of remote sensing; Active and Passive remote sensing. Although the difference between the two is very minimal but the quality and functionality

15 Simple Rules of Impressive CV for your Dream Job

Preparing for Job Interview

Curriculum Vitae or commonly referred to as CV, is an overview of a person’s information including his contact details, personal qualities, qualifications, and work experience for a job opportunity. CV comprises all the vital data regarding a candidate and helps an organization select the most deserving applicant according to its requirements. Thus, it becomes necessary

5 Tools for eCommerce Entrepreneurs

HCI friendly apps and websites

The world of eCommerce is highly competitive, with new tools popping up all the time to help businesses in the struggle to stay ahead. Whether you’re launching a new eCommerce store or you’re looking for a way to boost sales for an existing enterprise, the right platforms and applications can make all the difference. Try