ANCOVA- Analysis of Covariance

ANCOVA- Analysis of Covariance

ANCOVA stands for Analysis of Covariance. ANCOVA and regression are a blend of the general linear model. ANCOVA is often called the Treatment as it estimates the average of a dependant value (DV) that is equal across the levels of an independent variable (IV) categorically. It also statistically controls the effects of other variables that

10 reasons to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate can be a rewarding investing opportunity. However, commercial real estate investments have a high potential yield compared to residential real estate. According to a study done by Manulife Asset Management, commercial real estate offers more financial rewards compared to other investments like stocks and bonds. Also Read: Major Factors Influencing the

How does Marine Plastic Pollution affects Human?

Marine Plastic Pollution Humans

How much plastic does a man use? Researchers at Columbia University’s Earth Observatory recently studied the digestive tract of shrimp from the supermarket to determine what they ate. A small application of red dye immediately led to a surprising discovery: the stomach of a shrimp intended for human consumption contained seven pieces of plastic. This