How To Run A Successful Instagram Giveaway: 5 Effective Tricks

Instagram Giveaway


Welcome to the dynamic world of Instagram, where the thrill of a giveaway can send followers into a frenzy of excitement! With the platform’s popularity skyrocketing, businesses and brands are harnessing the power of Instagram giveaways more than ever. They’re not just frivolous games of chance but a catalyst for explosive brand growth and sizzling engagement.

This article is your trusty compass, guiding you through the terrain with 5 effective tricks to ensure your Instagram giveaway doesn’t just make a splash but causes a marketing tsunami. So, buckle up and prepare to inject rocket fuel into your social media strategy!

1. Understanding the Benefits of Instagram Giveaways

Imagine your brand as a buzzing beehive and an Instagram giveaway as the honey that attracts swarms of eager followers. By leveraging the allure of free goodies, your brand can experience a significant uptick in awareness and engagement. These online contests are like magnets, pulling in a sizable crowd and buzzing with potential new loyalists.

  • Brand Exposure: Giveaways can put your brand in the spotlight, making it the talk of the town, or in this case, the talk of the ‘gram.
  • New Followers: It’s a numbers game, and giveaways have a knack for racking up your followers, introducing your brand to users who might otherwise have scrolled past.
  • Sales Spike: Giveaways can ignite excitement and translate to sales as participants get a taste of what you offer and yearn for more.

Engaging in Instagram giveaways is akin to planting seeds that could blossom into a flourishing community of brand ambassadors, making it a sweet deal with potential long-term gains.

2. Choosing the Right Prize

Imagine a lure in the vast ocean of Instagram – your prize is that bait. To reel in a school of genuine followers, you need something that glistens with appeal. Selecting a prize isn’t just about grabbing the shiniest object off the shelf; it’s a strategic move akin to choosing the right chess piece to capture the queen.

  • Align with your brand: The prize should reflect your brand’s soul. If your brand were a person, would this prize be something they owned? Ensure it resonates with your brand’s values and your target audience’s desires.
  • Desirability is critical: Your prize should be as tempting as the last slice of pizza at a party. It should evoke your audience’s “must-have” response, creating a contagious buzz.
  • Collaborate and elevate: Two is better than one, they say. Teaming up with other brands can add value to your prize and introduce your brand to new eyeballs, expanding your reach like a peacock flaunting its feathers.

Remember, the right price is the cornerstone of your Instagram giveaway castle; choose wisely, and you may build an empire.

3. Promoting Your Giveaway

Let’s dive into the art of promoting your giveaway, a phase as crucial as the sparkle of a diamond. Like a siren’s call, your giveaway must lure in the Instagram crowd, and to do this, your promotional strategies need to be as sharp as a tack. Crafting a buzz around your giveaway is not just a good practice; it’s an art form.

  • Craft an Eye-Catching Post: Begin with an Instagram post that pops! Use vibrant images and compelling captions to grab attention like a magnet.
  • Utilize Stories and Reels: Leverage Instagram Stories and Reels for their ephemeral charm, keeping your giveaway in the limelight with frequent, creative updates.
  • Hashtag It: Create a unique hashtag for your giveaway to foster engagement and track entries. This digital breadcrumb makes it easier for users to spread the word.
  • Influencer Collaboration: Teaming up with influencers can catapult your giveaway into new follower territories, akin to a rocket launch into social media space.
  • Paid Promotions: Consider investing in Instagram’s paid promotions to extend your reach far and wide and ensure your giveaway doesn’t just whisper but roar.

By implementing these tactics, your giveaway won’t just walk; it’ll sashay through the Instagram party, turning heads and taking names.

4. Rules and Regulations

Stepping into the arena of Instagram giveaways without a roadmap is like navigating a maze blindfolded; you’re bound to bump into a few walls. To avoid chaos, it’s critical to establish transparent and fair rules for your contest. This provides a transparent framework for participants and ensures you’re not stepping over Instagram’s strict tightrope of do’s and don’ts.

  • Start by reviewing Instagram’s promotion guidelines. Cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’ to ensure your sweepstakes harmonize with their policies.
  • Next, craft your rules with the finesse of a wordsmith. Be concise yet comprehensive, covering eligibility criteria, entry methods, and the selection process.
  • Remember, transparency is king. Clearly articulate the giveaway timeline, from the starting gunshot to the finish line when the winner grabs the prize.

Failure to comply with Instagram’s guidelines can lead to the digital equivalent of a “Game Over” – from removing your giveaway to the potential shadow ban of your account. Please keep it clean and above board; your giveaway should glide smoother than a swan on a still lake.

5. Engaging with Participants and Announcing the Winner

Imagine your Instagram giveaway as a buzzing beehive of activity; your participants are the busy bees drawn in by the sweet possibility of a win. Keeping them engaged is like the dance bees do to communicate; it’s essential for the hive’s health. You can improve your profile appearance on Instagram Platform via various free and paid platforms, one of them being planyourgram. It helps to engage with your audience by liking and replying to comments, sharing stories of participants using your hashtag, or even featuring some entries on your feed. This not only fosters a vibrant community but also keeps the excitement soaring.

When it comes time to crown your winner, think of it as the drumroll moment at a grand concert. Announce the winner with fanfare – a dedicated post or an Instagram live session can add that touch of spectacle. But remember, a clear line of communication is as crucial as the announcement itself. To avoid any potential hiccups, always contact the winner privately to confirm details before making it public.

By carefully managing the participant engagement and winner announcement, you’re not just giving away a prize but crafting an experience that could turn casual followers into loyal fans.


In the digital garden of Instagram, successfully planting a giveaway is akin to nurturing a vibrant, blossoming flower that attracts a swarm of buzzing followers. By sprinkling the seeds of engagement and watering them with strategic promotion, you can cultivate a brand presence that bears fruit in increased sales and a loyal audience. Remember:

  • Align your prize with your brand’s essence and your audience’s desires.
  • Use a mix of organic and paid promotions to broadcast your giveaway far and wide.
  • Adhere to Instagram’s guidelines to keep your giveaway garden accessible from the weeds of potential issues.
  • Engage with your participants to grow a community, not just a customer base.
  • When revealing your winner, do so with transparency and fairness to maintain trust.

Implement these five petals of wisdom for your next Instagram giveaway and watch as your business blooms into an oasis of success. Ready, set, grow!

 Author bio: Estrella Jenesis is an experienced social media marketer and writer who works at She loves to work on content creation for social media blogs and has the potential to deliver engaging content on various platforms and networks.

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