Get Better Results In Email Marketing through Instagram

Instagram comes with lots of features especially for the business account holders that will enable them to reach out to their target audience much more easily.  All that is required is to be more strategic in their approach and utilize each and every feature optimally to ensure the best returns and results.

Right from the Instagram Stories feature to the analytics, a lot of planning goes into making the most out of the platform. The Instagram Stories for example now offers the business accounts with a superior option wherein the users can buy items directly in the Instagram app itself, not needing to leave it for that matter. There is no need to browse mindlessly if you like a product that is featured in a Story. All you have to do is just click and buy.

Changes are expected

This is just one of the most effective tools that the platform has to offer. From a marketing pointy of view, apart from the “click to buy” feature within the Instagram Stories, there are lots of changes that are expected in the platform that will make it more competitive as compared to YouTube and Snapchat.

  • It is also expected that the updates expected in the platform will possibly provide with more targeted advertising options, according to the speculations of the experts such as Gramista and others.
  • Experts also expect that the Instagram Story may also display images to those viewers who are not following the Instagram page of the company currently.

With all these assumptions and speculations, one thing is for sure, that is, Instagram is becoming a powerful force with each passing day when it comes to digital and social media marketing and sales.

Combining email marketing with Instagram

It is for this reason that most of the businesses rely on Instagram for their business promotion and marketing efforts, and few even integrate email marketing with it for the best results. This is a prudent move as it saves a lot of time, effort and money for them and ensure the best ROI in their marketing.

In addition to that, they can make the best use of the mobile app in order to attract more followers and even paying customers. This eventually helps them to consistently generate more predictable profits.

Social Media

Share contents more than once

If you want to reach out to your targeted audience in a far better way and at the same time no one has missed any posts that you may have made weeks back, you will need to share your content more than once.

However, this is not an open and shut case. You will need to be more strategic in this aspect as well. These are the specific ways in which you can share your content more than once.

First, you must focus on developing a specific sharing schedule but make sure that it is simple and in accordance to the guidelines that will tell you how often you should post or send emails on each network. If you have such a schedule in place it will help you to easily find answers to questions like:

  • How often can you share a content on each social media network?
  • What type of content is acceptable?
  • What are the preferred time and day that you should keep in mind?
  • How long will your content be fresh and shareable?
  • How much time you should put between two new messages?
  • What are the ways in which you can create a variety in your social sharing schedule?

All these answers will help you a lot to be more careful and strategic in your planning and avoid sending messages on after the other or in big bulks without any one of it being opened really and read by the recipients. Ideally, this is where the spam concept comes into play.

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The messages schedule

Message schedule is simply the series of messages that you will send after your blog post is live. When you consider your message schedule, just make sure that you stick to your goal which is to create a more effective and strategic social media approach, This will eventually help you to get more clicks and increase the possibilities of getting your emails opened and read, considered and acted upon by the recipients.

If you have a well-executed schedule it will ideally look like this:

  • On publishing: then messages should be sent only after your blog post goes live
  • Same day: Your initial messages will trickle out for the next two or three hours to your accounts.
  • Next day: The messages will be shared again on the proper social channels
  • Next week: There will be another new set of pre-scheduled messages that will be sent the following week
  • Next month: Same as the week, this will contain even more pre-scheduled social messages determined to be sent the next month.

If you want further effectiveness and better results of your email marketing campaign then you can even schedule your messages for the next three-month mark and even beyond that.

The good thing about defining a good schedule for every social network is that you will be able to map everything out in a simple timeline. This will also give you a quick view of your content promotion strategy and its effect on your business, brand and of course on your audience.

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To sum up

In short you will need to share your content quite frequently but at no cost it should look like you are pushing the users to make a buying decision. In fact, it should look more like an information that you want your users to know.

On the other hand, while sharing your content on each network, it goes without saying that you will need to consider the individual intricacies of each of ten social networks. This will help you to build your email marketing campaign around these specific guidelines that will ensure a higher return on your investment as well as a better performance of the emails that you send.

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