Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act, 1976

Town Planning

Background – Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act a pioneer act of planned urban development in India For the process of Town Planning in India, the Bombay Town Planning Act, 1915 was first introduced in India. Concerning with the matters of urban development, the Act empowered local authorities for controlled land use and development.

Main Features of Academic Writing

Features of Academic Writing

Academic writing is aimed to communicate ideas unambiguously and carefully. Academic content writing helps in producing and publishing good journal articles. Academic writing uses writing formats like Harvard, APA, and MLA. Besides, academic write-ups require the following set of rules that are usually mentioned in the assignment. The academic writer has to stick to writing

What Is Solid Waste Management?

Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management is the process of collecting, transporting, treating, and managing solid waste that can no longer be used. It includes recycling all the materials that can be reused for one purpose or another. Being an important aspect of urban area management, it is intended to reduce the harmful effects of waste on the

Modernization of land records in India

Land Records

Effective management of land resources is central to a nation’s social and economic prosperity. Updated and comprehensive land records play an important role in administering this scarce resource effectively. In India, land records have existed since the pre-colonial period, and were overhauled under British rule. The colonial system, comprising of deeds-based registration and presumptive land