4 Simple Home Projects to Do Yourself

Home Improvement - DIY

Most of us simply accept the high prices that come with hiring a contractor, and there are undeniably jobs that are best left to a professional. On the other hand, there are projects you can easily do yourself without needing to call an expert.  One of the most obvious is taking care of your lawn.

Ideal Ways to Research & Analyze Audience for SEO

SEO - Competitor Analysis

Search engine optimization is not only about numbers anymore, which include keyword ranking position, the total number of backlinks, the traffic gained, etc. Search engine optimization is also about having a clear understanding of your audience as well as building a search engine optimization campaign on the basis of the information that you have gathered.

Four Good Books on Indian Urbanisation

City Planning Degree

Introduction: India has a vast history of city planning from the inception of the Indus Valley Civilization which led to Mohinjadaro, Harapa and other similar towns in ancient India. We can learn many positive things about Indian planning and architecture from ancient times although the population density and political situation was quite contrary to what

Baron Haussmann’s Urban Development of Paris

Baron Haussmann's Urban Development of Paris

About Haussmann Georges-Eugene, Baron Haussmann, commonly known as Baron Haussmann, was responsible for the renovation of Paris under the rule of Emperor Napoleon III. Before Haussmann’s renovation and urban development of Paris, similar to the situation in England, there was a dire need of cleanliness and advanced infrastructure between 1853 and 1870. Napoleon III trusted