Ribbon Development | Meaning, Benefits and Features

History of Ribbon Development and Urban Development

In today’s world accommodation of building in an urban area is one of the crucial issues of the countries. So the solution for this being developed, the establishment of houses in a continuous row along the main road Is known as ribbon development. It is road centric. Ribbon development was first seen in London during Industrial Revolution between 1920’s to 1930’s. This development became more prevalent along the roads joining towns to cities. This was popular among developers in many countries like the United Kingdom and Russia because of the facilities provided along the road. It had been seen that due to the improvement of road transport and the rise of traffic, it is quite obvious that people tend to build establishments like houses, shops, factories near highways and roads for better business, communication, and transportation. Therefore, this ribbon development is on the rising all over the world.

Benefits of Ribbon Development

Although it seems that ribbon development is very helpful as it helps a businessman to expand its business and helps common crowd in easy traveling, but it has been many benefits also as it affects the social, economic and political situation.  So, there are some of the benefits through ribbon development are listed below.

  • This development tends to help in better transport facilities.
  • It provides easy access to goods and services.
  • It helps the business minders in increasing their wealth by establishing their workshops, shops, factories etc.
  • Moreover, it helps the students in having the better education by reducing their travel time and by connecting their towns with modern cities having universities and schools.
  • It also helps in giving a boon to the income of small farmers by allowing them to sell their products in cities.
  • Timesaving because all the facilities are available just at the doorstep whether its transport facilities, food, or any other thing.

Ribbon Development - Houses

Features & characteristics of Ribbon form of development

In the ribbon development, there is a problem related to the political, legal, economic for finding the solution. As a result, planning control is an important part for every country because then one roadsides development being implemented. As a result, people prefer to build a house near the main roads. As we know that to make a city it’s important to make roads for urban planning. Town results in evolution and also pre-planned development. Basically, it’s a single lines house with proper public transport facilities like a bus, railway station. This results in a lack of open space in that area and also a lot of traffic jam. These being pre-planned by the town planner. The physical features are important to choose from the sites of the town. It focuses centrally for the development of an area.

  • Good surroundings – For growing in a healthy environment we require good surroundings.
  • Electricity – So many of our important day-to-day activities and work depends upon electricity so the proper supply of electricity is must to get.
  • Water sources – Clean and drinkable water is the key to healthy and safe survival.
  • Sewage disposal – Sewage waste can be a place to give birth to diseases and infections. So, make sure that proper sewage treatment is done so that it do not accumulate in an area and pollutes it.
  • Transportation – Proper means of connectivity and transportation is a must for proper living.

These all are considered of physical features and needed by the people of that area as these all things being an important part of our life. They require the good communication and well as open space for playgrounds, parking. The industry ghoul is very much away from this area. Ribbon development wants to make the area better from the rural area by providing certain facilities to the people living in that area. As we know that the economic cost being not very much height, but it affects the natural environment because of cutting down the trees for making building side of roads.

The city in the case of ribbon development grows in a horizontal direction where all the population is given a house over there. As a result of its benefit because it’s economical because the land is cheap. They are having the density of population day by day high and that results in the development of the building in that area.

Two types of growth

  • Horizontal growth: Ribbon development is somehow beneficial for us because they are making new residents and provide those building at a very low cost, but on the other hand, they are cutting down trees for making those big buildings. In horizontal, all the building being made on one side and having all the facilities over there.
  • Vertical growth: In vertical growth its construction is not very much costly and also having a facility of sharing a lift, clubhouse and also having a large number of people over in these types of buildings being made in ribbon development.


Ribbon development being an integral part of our life, as a result, everyone wants to live in urban areas instead of choosing rural areas so for that he or she has to arrange enough house for the accommodation, those who are coming from outside. Basically, it’s been made like a form of ribbon line totally state with all the facilities available in front of your house whether transport, communication. But nowadays ribbon development being a huge popularity among the countries as buildings being made at the side of highways. Ribbon development being their just go improve the infrastructure of that area and also provide the latest technology to the people along with public transport. It’s hells in joining the roads with certain cities, as a result, they try to make a connection through this process. Somehow, it’s a developing of the country and this is being done for us only so that you would be able to live a life with all facilities being presented in one building that’s being a part of the ribbon development.

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