International Solar Alliance

What is International Solar Alliance (ISA)?

International Solar Alliance is a group of more than 120 countries (alliance) which came together for generating clean energy using Solar Energy and thus reducing their carbon footprints and moving towards better, greener & cleaner future. To understand about International Solar Alliance we need to look at COP21 climate conference which took place at Paris in 2015 under The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).


What is COP21 & significance of International Solar Alliance ?

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) which works on reducing the pace of climate change or mitigates the climate change through environmental agreement held their 21st annual conference of Parties referred as COP in Paris from 30th November 2015 to 11th December 2015. This conferenced received its name as COP21.

This conference aimed at slowing down the carbon emissions and other green house gases to combat climate change widely known as Global Warming. This was aimed by various means with considerable focus on use of renewable energy instead of conventional (non-renewable) sources of energy like coal, petroleum etc. Considering a number of renewable energy options available and understanding their potential and limitations Solar Energy was given a lot of focus. Solar Energy being freely available, clean, now cheap and commercially viable was seen as a promising source of energy by the leader of countries attending the COP21 conference.

For tapping the solar energy approx 120 countries came forward to form an alliance which was known as International Solar Alliance which marked a great achievement in the conference. This initiative was taken from side of India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi which was supported by France and various other countries. Under this alliance the member countries will work together for using and shifting to solar energy for meeting their energy demand and requirements.

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International solar alliance countries and their selection

The countries with rich solar energy on basis of their geographical location i.e. those lying fully or partially between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn are largely part of International Solar Alliance. Their location makes them receive large amount of solar radiation at most of the time of year and can utilize solar energy in cost-effective manner. The member countries of International Solar Alliance will work together to utilize the solar energy for electricity generation purpose and meeting the heating requirements by various methods.

International Solar Alliance

More information about International Solar Alliance & COP21

Formation of International Solar Alliance at COP21 is considered to be a landmark. For the first time all nations including the developed and developing nations came together consensus was reached to take steps for reducing the carbon emissions to slow down the climate change. For doing this responsibility being shared will be different with more responsibility will be shared by developed nations as compared to developing nations. This will be achieved by sharing of technology aimed at generating cleaner energy, increasing efficiency of existing power plants, pooling of funds for technology development.

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