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Don’t bother yourself: Best way to format APA paper

Academic Writing APA Referencing

Each scientific material follows some rigorous writing formats. This is mandatory for easy comprehension of the book, essay or paper that people will read. Generally, there are 3 common styles that students, teachers or academicians are using. APA, MLA, and Chicago style are the most popular among industry experts. Yet, often, it is very hard

How to Write a Speech in 6 Easy Steps

Public Speaking Writing

Would you like to become a brilliant public speaker? Balance is one of the most qualities of an inspiring public speech. In this article, you will discover how balance can help you to structure a successful speech. If you fail to build a strong and well-balanced speech structure, it will be like a French croissant without

4 Effective Tips to Choose the Right Case Study for Research

Selecting Case Study

Has it ever occurred to you why case studies are more valued than the standalone research techniques (e.g. surveys)? It’s simple. Case studies function as an in-depth investigation of a specific person, group, time-period, event or anything that is the focus of your research. With case studies, readers can get a holistic review of the

10 Tips for writing good research paper

Writing Research

Writing is an art, and not all have the penchant for writing. But considering how writing is an integral and indispensable part of our lives, mastering the art become very important. Be it as a student or a professional – writing can never be redundant in any sphere of our lives. From writing an essay