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How to Write a Field Report?

Field Report

Researchers write field reports to combine the theoretical concepts learned in the classroom with observation methods applied out of the classroom. Field reports are used to describe an observed event, person or place and analyzing the observed data to identify and categorize the themes about the research problems outlined in the study. In most cases,

Difference between a research paper, dissertation & thesis

Education Research

When it comes to writing academic papers, students should have the right skills if they must succeed. Whether it is doing a weekly essay assignment, crafting a term paper, or doing research, the best learners are those who have mastered the art of literary composition. You should also note that understanding how each school paper

Getting started with Thesis Writing

How to write a good thesis

If you are in your final year, you probably know that you should start working on your thesis. Everyone speaks about this subject and this can become quite stressful and overwhelming. Especially if you have no prior experience, writing your thesis can seem difficult and sometimes impossible. But, what should you think about? Where to

Tips on How to Organize a Focus Group

Organise Focus Groups

Introduction Having a focus group for your research can be beneficial in many ways. Focus groups are usually part of qualitative research at Master’s and PhD level because there needs to be a lot of organizing and communication with many people. To organize a focus group, you will first have to advertise the position and

What is an Action Research Paper?

Writing a Winning Research

Dissertations and college research papers are very dry topics and you need interesting tips that will get you started with it. You need to have access a good database of materials and intensive knowledge of your subject too. Various websites provide you with good guidelines and they make your dissertation formulation a little simpler and