Importance of Making Company Specific CV/Resume

While searching for a perfect job, your resume is a highly influencing tool. Every year hundreds of people don’t get their dream job just because they didn’t present themselves well in their resume. A recruiter or your prospective employer spends less than 30 seconds on your resume. Those 30 seconds will decide if you will receive an interview call or not. A resume is your chance to convince your prospective employer and understand that you worth an interview. Therefore, many people hire professionals to write their resume to grab every possible interview opportunity.

However, a single resume can’t work in every domain companies. Professionals know the actual terms that any recruiter or interviewer wants to see in a candidate’s resume. And they make sure the resume is meeting all the expectation of the potential employer. Writing your resume is an ability that represents your written presentation skills. Employers or HR professionals will love to hire a candidate whose resume impresses them.

Company Specific CV

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Moreover, every profile is different and, so is the job role. Therefore, it is important to edit your resume before applying for a new position so that you don’t end up in a trash bin but, tops the HR’s desk. Let’s find out why a company-specific resume is so important while looking for a job.

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1. Highlights you from others.

A resume that is written based on research and study of the job profile is clear winning shot in the race of interview. Your resume filled with all the keyword suitable for a profile helps job portal to show your resume as the top match for a position. A recruiter can read your resume only if they are able to find you. Resume sourcing is purely based on keywords search.

Career Builder, Monster or Indeed every portal has plenty of resumes stored in their data. If you want to top their search, it is important that your resume is meeting the search criteria of a recruiter search. For example, if a recruiter wants to hire a JAVA developer, he/she will be adding JAVA in her search chain as a primary keyword. So, all the resumes that will match more with the chain will be shown as a top match to the recruiter’s search. Therefore, if you want to top the search list, having all the main keywords in your resume is mandatory. It will take you a step closer to your dream job. 

2. Save The Time Of Employer

An employer or HR professionals have so many others task to handle beside recruitment. They have limited time to spend on searching the right resumes suitable for the position. A resume that promptly matches the need of a profile is considered to be an ideal resume as it saves the employer’s time sourcing from the pile of resumes. If the system matches your resume up to 80 percent and a recruiter is able to scan the keywords according to the job, you are most likely to get a call from them.

Company-specific resumes will match your resume on top and recruiter find it more relevant and time-saving. Hence, always edit your CV before hitting the send button so that your resume becomes an exclusive match for that company vacancies.

3. Gives You Opportunity

By customizing the resume as per the company’s profile, you can highlight your skills that are more company specific and valuable to the company. Highlighting your skills in resumes make you more appropriate for the company. Also, your skills set that matches the company’s culture and work environments will increase your chances to fit in the company better than other candidates. 

4. Make You More Impressive

Every employer loves to have smart employees in their company. Your resume is going to be your first impression. If it is able to impress the employer, you are half near to your dream job. A company-specific resume will give the impression that you have done some research about that particular company and holds special interest for it.

Also, it shows that you are very serious for the job and did quite home works to beat the other competition. Employer love to work with people who take their job seriously and take efforts to differ from the crowd.

5. Represents Your Business Etiquette

Business etiquette is something that attracts most of the employers and buys you enough time for the hiring manager to read your CV. Every company has a different hiring process. Therefore, if you research the company and its culture before submitting your resume. It gives you an extra understanding of the company insights and processes.

A company with formal corporate culture will prefer somebody with more etiquette and formal attitude. While a company with creative work culture will prefer out of the box thinking person with creative abilities. Hence, you can edit your resume according to the company’s work culture and increase your chance of getting hired.

6. Makes You An Ideal Candidate

Who doesn’t want to be an ideal candidate for a job? Every candidate targets at their dream job and wants to get approved through their resume. If you write your resume that is directly targeting the job position, it has more chances to get noticed making you an ideal match for the position. In order to become an ideal candidate, your resume has to be specific, clean and concise.

Importance of making Company Specific Resume

Never underestimate the power of a resume as it is the first step towards a brighter career. Your resume is the summary of your professional experience and achievements. Any employer wants to hire employees that fulfill the job requirement and are an asset to their organization. Hence, the more specific details you mention in your resumes, more are your chance of getting shortlisted. Make sure you are being real and there is no fake or misleading information. Companies so background checks and every false statement can add a negative mark to you. Therefore, be as original and company-specific while writing your Curriculum Vitae or CV. Whenever looking for the best services to help you with career counseling or resume guidance, check if you can get discounts codes to avail the cheapest price possible.

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