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What is Computer Numerical Control?

Making Up Content With Micro Data

Computer Numerical Control is software that uses computer programming inputs to determine the functionality and movements of tools and machines operational in factories. The process has made several complex mechanisms and processes secure and convenient by eliminating the need for manual assistance in the factories. Complex processes like three-dimensional cutting, drilling, and milling have all

Importance of Guide/ Co-Guide for your Research Paper

Importance of Guide or Co-Guide for your research

Writing a thesis paper is not an easy task, especially if you are doing it for the first time. There will be a lot of hurdles on the way and milestones to complete by the time you complete this important assignment in your academics. Even the most straightforward essay cause and effect assignment, you will need

How does Marine Plastic Pollution affects Human?

Marine Plastic Pollution Humans

How much plastic does a man use? Researchers at Columbia University’s Earth Observatory recently studied the digestive tract of shrimp from the supermarket to determine what they ate. A small application of red dye immediately led to a surprising discovery: the stomach of a shrimp intended for human consumption contained seven pieces of plastic. This

How Industries Are Practicing Water Conservation?

Water Conservation

3,476,992,903 That’s nearly the number of people who are in need of water right now and it isn’t going down any time soon. Industrial revolutions over the last hundred years have deeply impacted the environment and its water resources. All of this has given rise to the need for taking strict water conservation measures for

How does environmental education save animals?

Environmental Education - Save Animals

In the recent past, there has been an increased urgency for dealing with environmental issues. The environment is at a stage where it needs help to survive and be there for future generations. For this reason, many organizations are making efforts to save the environment in every way possible. Luckily, there are many ways of