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Digital Elevation Model

Digital Elevation Model

All the imageries that are collected, be it the satellite imageries or UAV data, all are 2D imagery. But for relevant study, it is at times required to understand the images in a more realistic approach. Hence, to understand better and make the images real, elevation is required. Elevation can be used for a lot

Importance of having a business database

database system

Making the most efficient business database In the world of business marketing today, a lot of our activities are entirely dependent on electronics. People will tend to have a list of several electrical data from the simple email to the text messages. The financial records, the academic and also the medical records of an individual

What is satellite mapping & imaging?


The spatial imageries derived from the satellite are in the raw form.  Many of the images are from the various satellites and has come in many different positions and is unfiltered. These are normally the digital photos which lack much information in correspondence to the earth’s surface. Since these raw images do not have any

How to Get Higher Education in Singapore

Tips for Studying at University

Singapore has fast become the preferred destination for many people seeking to further their education. The country has an excellent education system that provides opportunities for international students. The modern and vibrant nation offers a British-based education system which was introduced by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. The system has strong links with industry which makes it

How to Increase Traffic and Real Estate Leads With SEO

Site Responsive

No matter what type of real estate business you’re part of, you need a steady influx of website traffic and leads. Without them, you’d have to fight tooth and nail to buy or sell enough properties to stay afloat. Do you see the importance of traffic and lead generation? Even if so, you may be

Best Ways To Leverage The Ultimate Power Of SMS Marketing


Not all kinds of SM marketing campaigns are created in an equal manner. There are so many companies which are fully integrating SMS marketing into current business strategy and others, who might check it as only a side project. A survey was done by Scan Life, where it was stated that around 89% of customers