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Types of environmental degradation

Air Quality

The gradual degradation of the environment is due to many factors. There are mainly three different types of environmental degradation. They are land degradation, water degradation, and air degradation. The degradation of these three environments impacts the global climate and living conditions to a great extent. All the environmental factors are dependent on one another

Environmental degradation

Land Pollution

The rise in the human population and the technological advancements have led to the overuse of the natural resources and pollution of the environment.  This has led to a depletion of all the resources and is steadily leading to an ecological imbalance in many ecosystems. This rising deterioration of the Earth and its natural resources

What is an elevation map?

Elevation Mapping

An elevation map shows the various elevations in a region.  Elevations are usually measured in meters or feet with reference to the sea level. It can be either above the sea level or below the sea level. Elevation in a map is shown using contour lines, bands of same colors or by numerical values giving the

An Overall Review Of Silicone Market And Its Effect On The Environment

Silicone Market And Its Effect On The Environment

Silicone or ‘polysiloxanes’ is a synthetic polymer containing units of silicon alternated with oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and other elements as per its usage demands. The title of ‘one of the world’s most commonly used material’ can be easily bestowed upon silicone. From electronics and semiconductors to aircraft & automobiles, from healthcare & prosthetics to food processing

How to stay on top of the game as a Remote Data Analyst

Data Analyst

If you have always been fascinated with scrutinizing data, then you probably should be looking forward to expanding your horizon in the field of data collection. The more apt title would be a data analyst. So, who is a data analyst? And what do data analyst do? Data analyst job involves the process of collecting

Wasteland Management


Nature is our friend, we have to conserve it and preserve it at its best. We have to take all major steps to prevent the nature from getting destroyed or damaged. As humans, it is our primary duty to save nature and take preventive steps. There are many steps initiated for management of wastage, rather