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Metropolis: MetroAirports, governance and development in airport areas


Metropolis has recently launched a final report on the MetroAirports, an initiative that dealt with economic and social aspects (creation of jobs, economic activity, mobility, access to housing, security) between the airport’s activity and the right to the city. The report shows the results of the case studies of four airport areas (Barcelona-El Prat, Atlanta

7 advices for becoming a successful freelancer

Online Education

A common misconception about freelancing is that you sit at home while work comes to you. Successful freelancers search for work online and do them according to some principles that increase their output. In anything you do, you need the right tips to become outstanding. Maybe you sometimes wonder why some freelancers are very successful

Applications, Advantages and Disadvantages of Photogrammetry

Kombaru and Bantra Villages Karnataka 2015

Photogrammetry is a field that has seen exponential advancement along with the use of software that can cater to the specific needs of the user. Its compact size and ease to use is an added incentive that makes it the best option to use for structural analysis and 3D representations of any site. The high precision

How to Determine the Credibility of Resources Found on the Web


Just last year, the number of websites worldwide reached 1.8 billion. Everyone in the world who has access to internet connection can now create a website, and people seem to be grasping the opportunity every day. As a result, we have the most immense access to information the world has ever seen. However, this also drastically

Types of Population Pyramids

Population Pyramid

The Population pyramids are the true graphical representation of a population’s age and sex. These graphs are more likely shaped as triangles and hence the pyramids. The pyramid has males on its left and females on its right side and a vertical line separating the males and the females. It is very obvious for the