Transactive planning

Are you looking for some information related to transactive planning? We are here with this article to provide you insights of this topic.

Planning can make an event much more successful. Basically, it plays an important role in our life. As a result, we see a society in a different way as they are in the past. Planning is an integral part of the population of the world.

  • The transactive planning being one of the alternatives for the comprehensive rational planning.
  • Community rationality being a planning model of transactive planning.
  • As a result of this rationality totally depends on human dialogue and communication for the purpose of planners.
  • There are people, who get affected by planning.
  • We know that society is a group of people with different interest so for this, it’s a need for intensive communication to make different measures.
  • Planning is carried as a be central. And the population contributes a lot in the planning process with the technical knowledge and experience.
  • Through this, you will be getting different sets of opinion and also workers satisfaction also increases among the higher and lowers level workers.
  • In transactive planning, there is a face of face interaction between the population of the society and planners.
  • They mainly focus on a central goal instead of considering individual goals.

Transactive planning

Role of the planner is as follows –

  • The planner act as support for the society
  • They also require technical knowledge
  • They communicate the information to the people of the society

Planning being more subjective rather than an objective process as it requires a technical knowledge.

  • Mutual learning and also interpersonal dialogue
  • The main focus is n individual as well an on development on organization
  • Requires technical knowledge

Basically it takes time for the participation by the people of the society as a result of planning and it’s a high-cost development but they depend on the duration ; short-run plans being more satisfied one as compared to the long long run plans which require more research, knowledge, time, cost and till it been less satisfied. Transactive planning nowadays becomes the most important for concluding on the final decision for the measures being taken by the planners.

Uses of transactive planning are as follows –

The uses of transactive planning as we know that planning is required at every level of recession making, for making a logical planning for their organization. Sometimes in organizations, people are not knowing of how the information being passed to the upper level workers so in that case transactive planning being needed, there are some of the examples where transaction planning is needed by the organization.

  • Multinational companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Business Firms
  • Executing an event, etc.

As a result transactive planning being done in your life like setting up your life, goals. It helps in an effective communication with the workers; so that they work in an efficient manner and being proactive instead of being reactive. Transactive planning using where there is a need for making any decision in respect of plan being for a shorter period of for a longer period of time. Transactive planning makes the work of the organizing a little bit easy because everything is set in a proper way and this lastly result in the completion of task on time. Executing the event in school, organizations their comes the need for a logical planning to make that event successful.

Benefits of transactive planning are –

  • It helps in increasing operational efficiency – In this, you can easily work together because everyone has given a target and duration also so they all achieve their goals in an effective manner with the least wastage of material as well as time.
  • Sense of direction – Basically, in this, the upper level had assigned the work to their workers and the follow a proper chain of command because of this every one has to follow the rules made according to the plans being set by their manager.
  • Accuracy – As a result, the work is clear to everyone and this benefits in no confusion among the workers who execute the plans in this organization. There is command also that people know to whom they are answerable and to whom they have to order
  • Time-saving – Through this way, we can easily save time because all the decisions are being made in a selective perspective, not from an individual perspective. This result in better decision making, communication with the individual as well and collectively they make an organization.

So the benefits are listed above and also transactive planning benefits the organization to achieve the goals in an effective and efficient manner. Planning is an interaction between the individual and planner and collectively they become a part of society.


So we know that how important is transactive planning. Everyone wants their organization to follows the rules and regulations and also achieve the goals of the organization and also society consists of various people and he or she all are having different opinions in each decision, because of this organization would be able to make an effective decision in which each member agreed in it. The main purpose of this planning is to make a logical planning and also improves the communication between the people and this only results in an interface connection between the planners and people of this society.  So this is a transactive planning with a technical knowledge required by the planners to make a decision with a social perspective instead of individuality. Transactive planning changes the knowledge of individual info action for the betterment of their organization.

So, plan well and involve everyone in your planning for better exchange of ideas so that to implement and organize the best tasks and event. Unity is the key to healthy growth and development after all.