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LandMentor- The only stand – alone system developed to advance the land development 

After being in beta phase for years and several modifications over the older version LandMentor is all set to roll very soon. Even in its earlier stages it was awarded by various accredited agencies from the very beginning. Catching attention of everyone aware of the field it has been endorsed by various municipalities and covered by various publications. 

LandMentor has received awards from “Professional Builder”, “International Sustainable Land Development Authority”, Minnesota Housing Finance Agency”, “Commercial Real Estate Development Association” and many more! 

LandMentor - Awards

The distinctive features of LandMentor include:

  • LandMentor can be used to supplement existing software or to replace it. It is revolutionary as it does not have CAD at its core. CAD softwares were made to be used by just everyone.  It is a tool which acts as jack of all trade but master of none.
  • Prefurbia  – new way of designing for larger plot sizes by coving!
  • LandMentor’s core technology was designed solely for “Land Development” applications thus making it the most powerful software for land development and related purpose.
  • Positional Based coordinate geometry which tracks the single point and arc and defines it automatically at particular location on Earth.
  • Precision “Intelligent surface” based as the real world consist of surfaces and not the points and lines as used in any other available software! Texture plans of LandMentor looks much better when compared to CAD softwares.
  • CAD software’s two decades of unfulfilled promise of 3 D for developers, urban planners and city managers. The only software to provide you a very easy 3 D virtual tour just like in a video game. It combines first truly easy application using free LandMentor 3 D viewer software.
  • Zero commands! No endless number of commands which must be crammed to use CAD. LandMentor reduces the total learning curve to get the basics in few days.
  • Invests and focuses on you to make better design & improve efficiency of work! 

Mentoring – CAD and all other softwares teaches you how to use the software more efficiently and in better way. Focus area remains the “use of software” instead of skill development of user, i.e. YOU! This is not a case with LandMentor, it trains you for making better plans and delivering a better project. Teaches new design models to excel out of existing development and make the clients more successful.

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No extras, add- ons, monthly fees or heavy update charges. This makes it the only software which will eliminate the recurring cost. If you invest in LandMentor it will invest in YOU to make you better & enhance skills.

Since year 2000 it has been covered by various prominent and credible publications like “New York Times”, “Point of Beginning”, “News Geography”,, “LandScape Architecture Magazine”, “Digital Construction”, Professional Surveyor Magazine” to name a few. 

LandMentor - Covered by various publishers

Use of LandMentor provided following benefits which was realized by City of WIlliston, City of Fargo, U.S. Department of Housing, U.S. Green Building Council and was endorsed by all of them among many others! 

  • 38% less street and utility infrastructure!
  • Greater overall density.
  • Larger average lot size.
  • Coordinated views to adjacent space!
  • Better and safer walking connectivity.
  • More efficient and safer vehicular systems.
  • Far greater home values.
  • Much less environmental impacts!
  • More logical zoning transitions.
  • Less earthwork.

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LandMentor - Edorsed by credible agencies & department

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