Prefurbia – Reinventing Land Development | Disdainable to sustainable!

Prefurbia – The idea behind LandMentor

Prefurbia is about efficiency. By adhering only to minimums we have built a world with excessive infrastructure adding to the economic and environmental burden caused by bad design. Imagine developing a new world with far less paving and infrastructure all while maintaining density. We typically average 25% less infrastructure when Prefurbia methods are properly applied. In other words, less paved and more green space!

What is Prefurbia™?
It is a collection of pioneering design and regulatory methods for land development that promises to make a sustainable world. That is quite a bold claim, after all, doesn’t it seem that everyone claims they too have the sustainable solution?


This book is not another critique of the sprawling American suburbs and blaming them for their auto-centric lifestyles. Nor is this book an attempt to social engineer through design Instead, it teaches and demonstrates market proven solutions that beautify and enhance both urban and suburban quality of life. It presents refreshing new design innovations that deliver better neighborhoods. Since many of today’s land planning design problems stem from the suburbs, that is the focus of this book. Yet Prefurbia can also enhance urban design. This book cures many of suburbia’s ills, while also offering benefits for urban dwellers.

If you are interested in economically viable solutions that deliver sustainability than look no further. Prefurbia neighborhood planning (and regulatory methods) deliver a Preferred quality of living: lower environmental impact neighborhoods at densities that provide ample open space for families, safe pedestrian connectivity, and with less cost to construct than conventional, traditional, and New Urban alternatives. Prefurbia consumes less time and energy, is affordable, and reduces the world’s infrastructure impacts as much as 30% – wouldn’t you call that ‘sustainable’?

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