Why LandMentor is set to revolutionize industry!

LandMentor –  Redefining land development!

LandMentor is not just a regular software or a tool meant only to improve your work efficiency, it will be your guide as well. It will help you make better plans with much better outcome. All the existing softwares works solely based on your input with no focus on improving your work. Neither any attempt is made by the developers or companies to make a real difference for better and sustainable development. Software giants will rather charge you hundred and thousands of bucks in training programs, workshops, certification courses and teach you so called new features/additions but will never invest on YOU!

LandMentor Making Sustainability Real

This is one of the key area where LandMentor outweighs the competitors. The very motive behind it was sustainable development which can only be achieved if right input can be fed to the available tools or softwares. LandMentor will also work as “mentor” and make you a better and enhance your skills.

What sets LandMentor apart from its competitors? 

Another peculiar and most beneficial aspect is the integration of different features which are required in development process. Starting from surveying, civil engineering, architecture, land development, planning all are essential part and their need at specific stages cannot be out-looked. World leaders talk about sustainability and it remains on every global agenda list but minimalistic efforts are made on doing R&D which would yield results at ground level. This is something unique & most valuable which LandMentor has to offer. Decades of research has been invested in its making. Information gathered over the time through various concepts, tapping technological advancements and understanding the need and dynamics of the industry sets LandMentor apart. The idea and core part “mentoring” is what no one else every tried or even thought to focus on.

LandMentor Dsiruption of CAD Era

Further the need to simplify and integrate the different fields pertaining to land development like civil engineering, environmental engineering, city planning, land surveying has been carefully addressed. The conflicts and errors arising due to coordination and terminologies of each profession has been almost eliminated. All the features are handpicked which will be relevant for the user which makes it easier and more meaningful to use. It’s unlike other softwares which offers you thousands of commands which are hardly used. Companies keep on making their product more and more complex to gain attention of users, countless features are added which are not required by the professionals. In the name of updates training courses are run to fetch regular and more income.

Set to disrupt the sustainable money making cycle for software giants! 

The products are advertised as a single solution for different needs but in reality they become a pain for new user who has infinite options and commands to learn and explore which might never be used in a particular profession. Even after having these limitless commands to learn users are forced to use different products (many times from the same company) which escalates the cost. The same story continues with the other chosen softwares resulting in a vicious cycle!

Consider all this hard practice eliminated with LandMentor. All the user manuals are very easy to understand and in most cases does not requires to go through any classroom or certification courses. The only training or courses which you might come across focuses on “Mentoring” and thus investing in YOU instead of making you a slave of the software.

LandMentor More efficient development

Documentation is both a user manual and book which teaches you tried and tested methods of development. The book “Prefurbia is one of the integral part in making of the tool and is highly recommended. The book is being offered free of cost through PlanningTank which would otherwise cost you $50. The only aim of doing so is to make a difference at ground level and help everyone escape the “cycle” in which most of the users are currently trapped. The ultimate goal of sustainable development can only be realized if the user is empowered with enhanced skills and better thought process instead of the software. So feel free to explore and take advantage of what LandMentor has to offer! Be a part of a revolution about to come in the industry instead of being a mere witness.


Uniqueness of LandMentor in Industry!

  1. A unique, new & disruptive concept rather than minor modification over age old tools
  2. “Mentoring” instead of making you a software’s slave
  3. Enhancing skills of the user making software a “tool” and not project itself
  4. Simplicity & ease of learning
  5. No Commands to learn!
  6. The only comprehensive software for engineer, surveyor, architect & planner!
  7. No expensive training or recurring costs
  8. Saves on upto 25% of infrastructure development cost on each project
  9. Better living standards, unique designs and more “premium” locations.
  10. Next generation technology for presentation – Virtual Reality

Features of software 

  • Self checking geometry
  • Video Gaming based 3D and VR!
  • Intelligent precision spatial data!
  • Patented (Mechant & Gould) animated user interface!
  • Includes an education and mentoring to reinvent an industry!
  • Solution that merges Surveying, Engineering, Architecture & planning

LandMentor Tearing down communication barriers

Conclusion – The makers and developers of the softwares are those who were themselves involved in the field which makes LandMentor best. It is next to impossible to get a software from engineers who do not understand the uniqueness of the various profession and rather work on the instructions given by the bosses. Collaboration has been fostered from the very beginning and ease of use makes this possible.

No attempt is being made to eliminate the need of different professionals working as a team but rather helping each individual relate and understand the requirement of other which has been addressed. Specialized work will be done by experts but basic and required information will be available to the one working with LandMentor.


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