LandMentor by Neighborhood Innovations, LLC

LandMentor – A giant leap forward for sustainable development

LandMentor is the revolutionary software which is all set to reshape the way development takes place in current world. Developed by Neighborhood Innovations, LLC LandMentor is the first ever and only comprehensive design and planning system (technology & education) which will set the benchmark for the required “Sustainable Development”.


Planners play a major role in deciding the way how our urban spaces look like, smallest actions taken while planning for an area have lasting impact and have direct impact on thousands of lives for years and even decades!

Neighborhood Innovations which is one of the oldest player in this field took a bold step to turn the mere talks of sustainable development into reality through LandMentor. It is easiest to use of all the software available in the market and yet most comprehensive of all. It’s a nearly perfect blend of planning, surveying, civil engineering and architecture. This is what anyone can demand, a powerful yet simple and easy to use software which fulfills all the requirements and saves on cost too! The use of LandMentor has a proven record of saving about 25% of infrastructure cost while maintaining density and adhering to regulations, this is based on over 1000 development which took place in over 47 US states and 18 nations.

The output of LandMentor are far superior when compared to its existing competitors, the number of years invested in its development and the concept of software which is based on Prefurbia by Rick Harrison is what no other software can match. LandMentor is a perfect example of what can be achieved when some serious professionals takes matter into their hand and are determined to change the world for better and we at PlanningTank are working with Neighborhood Innovations, LLC  to make happy, healthy and sustainable human settlements!

System requirements for using LandMentor:

Recommended: A gaming computer/laptop with a Nvidia Graphics card
Minimum: Almost any computer/laptop less than 3 years old (Nvidia required for 3D)


About Mr. Rick Harrison (The brain behind LandMentor)

Almost 50 years ago Rick Harrison began a career in Land Planning.  A few years later while developing land how critical engineering and surveying was to the process leading to a career path in those industries.  Software development was a hobby that led to founding Land Innovation, Inc. after Hewlett Packard called him to form a collaborative relationship.  Over 25 years ago Rick Harrison Site Design was formed as a research firm to solve growth solutions leading to pioneering innovations that has demonstrated more attractive and functional development and architecture solutions with both economic and environmental advantages.  The collection of these methods were made possible by developing new technology in concert with invention, led by Keith Willenson. Today, the Harrison family which includes Adrienne and Adam have invested in the patented Land Mentor System – blending four decades of software design with proven solutions to solve major design and regulatory problems and move the land development industry into a new era of sustainable growth and redevelopment.

Sample Projects:

These are some of the sample projects made through LandMentor, the approximate file size is mentioned along the link to the file.

Harrison House (3D)  (31 MB)

A site in Panama with Steep Slopes (metric)  (74.2 MB)

A town center layout in Wisconsin  (71 MB)

A marketing 3D for a site under construction in Ohio  (59 MB)

Minnesota 4 Acre BayHome  (42 MB)

Colorado Duplex Section of Master Plan  (25 MB)

Kentucky The Chandler  (71 MB)

Nebraska Sarpy County  (64 MB)

To view these sample projects you will be required to have LandMentor software installed

Please note that these files are samples and the real capabilities of the software is much more. The 3D view will require the computer/laptop to have a good hardware configuration and the time taken to render the 3D view will depend on your hardware configuration.

Prefurbia – The idea behind LandMentor

Prefurbia is about efficiency. By adhering only to minimums we have built a world with excessive infrastructure adding to the economic and environmental burden caused by bad design. Imagine developing a new world with far less paving and infrastructure all while maintaining density. We typically average 25% less infrastructure when Prefurbia methods are properly applied. In other words, less paved and more green space!

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