Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about LandMentor

Who should use LandMentor?

LandMentor is aimed to help students & professionals working in diverse disciplines associated with land development. People associated with urban studies, civil engineering, surveying, planning, architecture, landscape architecture, real estate, and construction will find LandMentor useful. Its vast application makes it suitable to be used by those associated with various industries by working on the same type of work. 

I have never heard of this software!

This is so because this software was in development stages from more than a decade. The previous versions had a different name and improvements were being made as per the evolving market conditions and requirements. LandMentor is the only software which has been made while keeping the exact need of diverse professions keeping in mind which will ultimately help in sustainable development! The developers and Rick Harrison is well versed with the today’s market needs and holds experience of over four decades. LandMentor is result of his extensive research and learning!

Is it better than other softwares currently available from AutoDesk, ESRI, Bentley and many others? 

Yes, LandMentor is set to outperform the softwares provided by AutoDesk, ESRI and others dealing with land development and creating spaces. It provides many more useful features instead of numerous random commands which you will never use. Softwares from existing companies are not meant to provide a solution for a particular field but at a very large market as a whole.

AutoCAD, ArcGIS etc are meant to be used by just anyone without a focus on any particular industry, this makes you explore a large number of options and commands which are irrelevant for you. Moreover they lack the very fundamental and essential features which are required for a better plan making. 

In the very beginning we ourself mentioned a large number of disciplines where LandMentor can be used, isn’t this contradictory to what we said in question above? 

No, we are focused about the various disciplines who are associated with the particular land and infrastructure development aspect and not the discipline as a whole. AutoDesk, ESRI etc targets whole industry instead of keeping a particular focus area. This makes LandMentor much better & one of its kind than existing products. 

Why the softwares looks unprofessional/ unattractive when compared to those being offered by other companies? 

With LandMentor focus remains on better result and not the outer packaging! The odd or ugly-looking interface is a simple and user-friendly. You will see options which you need and no showcasing is done for things which you will do not need. 

This simplicity allows you to learn the very basics and core of the software in about 2 weeks without any external help or professional classes. This will save on your time. Additionally the beauty of LandMentor lies in its functioning which we are sure you will love once you start exploring and using it. 

What is Prefurbia, I keep reading this word/name?

Prefurbia is a book by Rick Harrison which is one of the core part of LandMentor. Rick Harrison (the mind behind LandMentor) discussed various issues, methods and potential solution to problems faced while development. “Coving”, a methods pioneered by Rick Harrison is also explained in Prefurbia. This book will provide you with many alternate designs and techniques to obtain higher efficiency from same land parcel. 

Why is LandMentor free for students but not for professionals? 

It was not supposed to be made available at “no cost” but after a series of discussions and deliberations with  us (PlanningTank) a consensus was reached to provide it completely free for students but only for a limited time (only for those who register through PlanningTank). The main reason behind this was the understanding that students are the real changemakers and future decision makers. Having a strong foundation will enable them to be experts in the field tomorrow which is very much required to deal with the mess we have created around us. Empowering students will be the asset for all nations across the world. Students from all over the world are invited to explore LandMentor and take the maximum advantage. By using LandMentor you will not just add a new software to your skill set but improve you understanding and concepts for all round development. Additionally we did not want to put students at loose of not being able to pay for the software so it was made free!

Those working in the field as consultants, individuals, government agencies and govt. employees can afford the cost of software as that will get recovered easily by the savings from their projects. 

AutoDesk, ESRI, Bentley & various other software companies offer free student version so what the big deal with LandMentor? Why we keep on emphasize on students? 

All other software companies are well established & giants with millions & billions of funding. The prime purpose of providing the software free is to gain monopoly over market. Furthermore having a market saturated with a very few softwares does not allow students to explore other options. This has resulted in undesired but unfortunate mob mentality and blind following for AutoCAD, Arc GIS for all the needs of almost every industry. We are attempting to create a grassroots movement that will empower the future leaders of growth to make sustainability something real.

While LandMentor has a major part as “Mentoring” and it teaches you to make you a better professional who is ready to take the challenges of the market. You are not an expert in operating software but a better person who is able to yield maximum returns from any available resources. The motive behind the sustainable development cannot be fulfilled without better professionals and today’s students will be professionals of tomorrow thus facilitating the use of LandMentor for students is important & essential for us. 

Is PlanningTank working for Neighborhood Innovations, LLC for marketing & advertising LandMentor?

Yes & No. We at PlanningTank are working for happy, healthy & sustainable human settlements partnering with Neighborhood Innovations, LLC for LandMentor is an attempt to fulfill this motive. Both PlanningTank & Neighborhood Innovations share the same motive for sustainable development and wish to bring about the change in the way development takes place. Having found the common needs and goals we decided to team up to reach more and more changemakers like you who can take advantage of LandMentor and be a part of disruptive change! PlanningTank will be providing the information about LandMentor and anything which you should know about it and in addition to this will continue to function the way it did earlier by providing useful and valuable content for everyone. Neighborhood Innovations and PlanningTank discussed various aspects and concerns which pertains in today’s scenario over few months and decides to take on this challenge to provide a much better tool, an alternative and enter the market dominated by CAD & GIS. 

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