NUIS (National Urban Information System) by Ministry of Urban Development

What is NUIS Scheme ?

The Ministry of Urban Development launched the National Urban Information System (NUIS) Scheme in March, 2006 on National Mission Mode. This scheme was launched for developing GIS database for 137 towns/cities (currently 152 towns/cities) in India. The maps prepared will be at two scales i.e. 1:10000 & 1:2000. In addition to this under NUIS scheme utility mapping will for done at 1:1000 scale for 24 towns.

The spatial and attribute databases thus generated will be useful for preparation of Master/ Development plans, detailed town planning schemes and serve as decision support for e-governance.


Components of NUIS Scheme

The Scheme comprises of broadly two major components:

  1. Urban Spatial Information System (USIS) to meet the spatial requirements of urban planning. It will help in making GIS based multi hierarchical data base to support Master/Zonal plan preparation and help Urban Local Bodies in administration and utilities management.

This is to be achieved by having a 3 tier GIS database for each city/town which will support the main objectives of Urban Management & Planning

  • 1:10,000 scale GIS with parameters of spatial and attribute information that will be the core of Master Planning and Zonal Planning exercises in urban Settlements
  • 1:2,000 scale GIS database with parameters of spatial and attribute information in support of detailed town planning Schemes and urban administration.
  • Establish a 1:1000 scale utilities GIS on a pilot basis with inclusion of power, water-supply, sewerage and other utilities that will support Utilities Planning and Management in urban settlements.

2. National Urban Databank and Indicators (NUDB&I) to develop indicators for supporting National Urban Observatory (NUO) by integrating the database of all states and towns at TCPO/MoUD. Enable the establishment of a Local Urban Observatory (LUO) in each State which will integrate the NUDB&I databases for all towns within the State.

This will also provide necessary inputs/report on the status and conditions of urban areas to MoUD, Planning Commission, States

Indicators for National Urban Observatory (NUO) include:

  • Socio Economic development
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation
  • Environmental management
  • Local authorities
  • Housing

This data will be used by municipal corporations/ municipalities & ULBs to fulfill their roles assigned to them under 12th Schedule of the 74th CAA. For successful implementation of this scheme data collected by USIS and NUDBI will be integrated and used for better plan making and thus ensure planned development by fulfilling the data needs.

Limitations of NUIS

  • Town planning is a state subject so developing standard indicators for all town and cities will be difficult.
  • Although selection procedure for towns and cities covered under the scheme is rational but some important urban centers remain uncovered
  • Fund allocation for the scheme is very less when compared to other schemes like JNNURM as the per capita expenditure is about Rs.5.60/- as compared to Rs.4500/- for JNNURM for making CDPs.
  • Coordination at different level is essential to fulfill the objective
  • Skilled man power is required for various work at different levels.

For more details about NUIS visit MoUD Website

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