GIS Software

What is a GIS Software ?

Geographic Information System software or GIS Softwares are computer-based tools for mapping and analyzing things that exist and events that occur on earth surface. —It is capable of capturing, storing, analyzing and displaying geographically referenced information.

Which GIS Software to choose ?

Various gis softwares are available in industry. Every GIS Software maker claims their software to be better than others which makes it difficult to choose the needed GIS software. The table below gives the name of  software, its utility & its company. You can then decide which software will work best for you depending on your need.

List of GIS Softwares

Software UtilityCompany
Arc View, Arc GIS, Arc InfoMapping, data analysis & data sharingESRI
ERDAS ImagineImage ProcessingERDAS
Map Info ProfessionalMapping & data analysisMap Info
Geo Media ProfessionalMapping, data analysis & data sharingRolta
Small WorldPublic UtilitiesSmall World
TNTmipsMapping, Image Processing & GPSOPSIS System
IDRISIGIS and Image Processing 
Map 3D, Topobase, Map GuideDigitization & access to CAD and GIS dataAutodesk
ENVIImage analysis, mining & exploitation etc.ENVI
Web 2.0 (Geospatial Web 2.0 Platform (GWeb 2.0)allows users to interact and add content on web (Examples of Web 2.0 include social networking  sites, blogs, video sharing sites, web applications) 
VGI (Volunteered Geographical Information)ability to capture and share real time Geographical Information 

Most widely used GIS Softwares

At present there are many softwares available in market. Some of the major companies in this field are : ESRI (For mapping & analyzing), Autodesk (with GIS capabilities), ERDAS
Imagine (for Image Processing), Intergraph – Geomedia Professional , Map Info -MapInfo Professional, Small World (Public Utility), OPSIS SYSTEM-TNTmips Pro (Mapping & Image
Processing) etc. The most widely used software is from ESRI which is considered among most reputed brand with large number of clients. ESRI has its GIS software with name ArcGIS.


GIS Softwares


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