Why are portable restrooms essential on construction sites?

Toilets, needless to say, are an essential part of everyday life! It is a basic necessity! Restrooms are not only important in homes or offices, but they are even more important on construction sites that are notorious for lack of sanitation.

Sad, but many site managers believe in saving a buck by making their workers seek restroom privacy at the nearest public facility they can get.

Ok, let me ask you. Can you try not going to the restroom for hours? Wondering what silly question I am asking?

A construction site worker typically has an 8-9 hours shift. So, during those hours, they will also need to empty their bladders or answer nature’s call. Am I wrong?

Your construction crew needs tools and materials to get things right on time, and at certain times during the day, they need portable restrooms too.

These days, with an ever-increasing population, construction companies are busy continually developing new structures or renovating existing buildings. Therefore, access to a hygienic, safe and clean, portable toilet for construction workers is a necessity. Otherwise, where will they go to relieve themselves?

Still not convinced about the importance of portable toilets for construction sites? No problem! Read below a few most common reasons to understand why you should install a flushable portable toilet in NJ.

Portable toilet

1. Improves the productivity of a construction site

The first and foremost reason to have portable toilets at construction sites is to increase the productivity of on-site workers. Yes, having a restroom increases their hours on the job, and they also have peace of mind knowing that they don’t have to go far distant places to answer nature’s call!

Anyone familiar with the construction business knows that there are often unforeseen issues, interruptions, or pauses in work. You can’t afford to add these unpredictable potty breaks to these disruptions, which can negatively affect their productivity.

Having portable restrooms nearby ensures short potty breaks and fewer off-work hours. The convenience helps workers stay focused and on task without having to disrupt their motion.

Not only do on-site restrooms keep workers on the job, but they also help them to stay focussed on their work.  In the construction business, focus and productivity are important to accomplish a project by its deadline. In that way, installing portable restrooms is beneficial for your construction business.

Porta-potty pots are also available for rent, so keep up the productivity and build your reputation with a porta-potty rental in NJ.

2. Convenience

Another key reason for using portable pots at every construction site is convenience and ease of use. Portable restrooms can be used 24 hours a day, making them a suitable option for on-site workers. It will not restrict them to be on the site only 9 to 5 as flushable portable toilets in NJ are available day and night.

The construction crew need not leave the site; they can use the restrooms as and when needed and quickly resume their work. Having the portable rental toilet in NJ helps to keep the breaks short, at the same time having little disruption to workflow.

The portable toilets can be installed effortlessly, and when the construction work is completed, and no toilets are needed can be taken away easily. That is why they are highly convenient!

3. Better Safety & Sanitation

Construction sites are mostly concerned with safety. Many regulations and protocols are kept in place to ensure the utmost safety and protection of each and every individual working on the site.

Having portable toilet facilities just a few feet from the area where the crew is working helps to maintain safety as they don’t have to walk for long distances to relieve themselves in areas around the construction site. Also, it’ll protect them from unwanted accidents on construction sites. Not only it’s a health hazard to the workers on the job, but it is also an environmental threat to the people of the surrounding community.

At the same time, with portable toilets, your workers are exposed to clean and hygienic facilities. This way, you don’t risk their safety from getting injured or sick.

Are you looking for a safe and cost-effective toilet option for your construction site but don’t want to buy portable restrooms? No worries, the portable toilets are available for rent. You can choose toilet rentals in NJ to provide better safety to your workers.

4. Complying with Federal and State Regulations

People who have worked in the construction industry must be aware of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). This organization has made some regulations and standards for construction sites.

As per OSHA regulation, if sewer lines are shut off for 72 hours or more, you need to have flushable portable toilets in place. Therefore, to follow these standards. Like other regulations, if you don’t comply with the law, your construction project may be stopped or paused, and you can invite hefty fines too. Therefore, it’s important to have a porta potty on rental in NJ.

5. Economical

A portable rental toilet in NJ is a cost-effective and easy-to-install option. They’re portable and can be taken easily from one place to another as you need them to be.

With this facility, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of building permanent restrooms for your construction site, which is a costly affair. You can use flushable portable toilets in NJ without breaking the bank since they’re economical and can be rented from portable toilet rental service providers in NJ.

6. Save The Environment

One of the greatest benefits of portable toilets on construction sites is – it helps to keep planet earth healthy. Using portable toilets for construction sites reduces the amount of water used to dispose of waste. It helps to save gallons of precious water used by the workforce while using restrooms.

It is also important to mention that what is good for the environment is also good for the business. You can build your reputation by touting the environmental consciousness of your work site to prospective clients.

7. Customized Portable Toilets on Rental in NJ

No matter how many workers you have working on your construction site, there should always be a comfortable place for someone to relieve themselves in privacy. These portable restroom units come in a variety of sizes and with all the amenities that are guaranteed to keep any client or worker happy and satisfied. After all, you are providing them with a comfortable experience of using portable restrooms at your construction site.

In addition to this, portable toilets can be customized depending on your need. If you do not want extra features in your portable restrooms, you can tell the vendor about your needs and get them removed.

8. Weather-Resistant

Portable toilet cabins are well-insulated, sturdy, and corrosion-resistant. It will not get affected by adverse weather conditions. These portable potty cabins are well-fitted with cooling and heating systems which make them comfortable to use in any weather.


We all know that construction workers are necessary to build great building structures. They work hard to get the job done on time. They truly deserve safe and hygienic restrooms at the construction site to relieve themselves.

If you are a builder or a construction site manager, install the portable toilets on the sites even before the work starts to keep your site clean and tidy. Providing porta potty on rental in NJ can be one simplest and most affordable ways to serve your workers’ restroom needs.

Author Bio: Lynn Webster is a marketing manager at Poor John’s Portable Toilets, the most reliable portable toilet supplier in Keyport, NJ. He has been associated with the Keyport toilet rental scene for years and knows everything there is to know about toilet rentals.

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