Top Online Editing Tools for Writing Excellent Research Papers

We all know that writing the research paper is the bane in the life of the student. Writing the research paper should require having excellent command on the English language, and you should also be able to share your thoughts and ideas that will be gone under the evaluation. Apart from just writing the papers, you should format and organize the paper in the presentable manner that will help in showing your point of view. Luckily, there are some applications available online that will help you to edit and write the research papers without doing any mistake.

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Academic Writing - Structuring

  1. AutoCrit: Though the real authors do not depend upon the software, this software is a little bit different from the others. This app will help in analyzing the entire manuscript and will provide the suggestions regarding what type of improvement you should do in the assignment. This software finds out the repetitive words, the strength of writing, momentum and more. The report that is generated in this software will make you rethink of each sentence and paragraphs that you have written.
  2. Grammarly: One of the best software to find out the grammar mistakes in your write up is the Grammarly. It is a great tool in finding the problems regarding your spelling and grammar. In this app, the Oxford Coma rule is being applied which is perfect for scrutinizing the write-ups like the essays and the research papers. You can also evaluate the work in both the American as well as on the English. It is available in both free and premium versions. The free version of this app helps you in avoiding the common grammar errors and spelling mistakes. The paid version helps you in making better sentence structure, correct the repetitive phrases and also make clarity in writing.
  3. ProWritingAid: This online software will minutely analyze the contents regarding the repetition, proper usage of the phrase, writing skills and the sentence length too. The use of this app helps in improving the readability of the writing and also reduces the grammatical error. You can check your research paper up to 3000 words in this free version. If you want to analyze word count more than 3000 words, you should go for the premium version.
  4. Trello: It helps in organizing your time and make sure that you are doing everything on schedule. This app can be used for creating the huge to-do list that will help you to organize all the events and ensure that you are completing them on time. Almost all the research paper writers use this app to manage the workload and can help in handling various types of work.
  5. Google Docs: The Microsoft Word is still considered as the default program by most of the colleges and educational institutes for writing the papers. It offers the online platform for saving your file. With the help of the Google Docs, you can also add various free add-ons for improving your writing skills and also check the spelling and grammar as well. The document will be available for your edit, whether you are opening in the desktop or the mobile.
  6. The Evernote: If you never used this software before, it is the time to use. This application helps you to keep the notes, organize the various ideas along with capturing the screenshots. When you are writing the research paper, you will have all the files, documents and the quotes ready in front of you. You can also save the folders online and have access to the research whenever you want. This software also has the browser extensions for making the work much easier for the writer.
  7. The Hemmingway App: It is one of the common tools that are used the research fellows for writing the papers as well as by the students who write the essays. It helps you to make the writing much more clear. The app color helps you to code the text and show the sentences that are difficult to go through and also provide you with the suggestions for making the sentence simple. This app helps you in providing the last minute checking opportunity so that you can brush up your writing skills. It also shows how much the writing is readable to the users.
  8. Dragon indication: It helps you to save time if you are not the fast typer. You can write the research work with the speech. You can also later go through the document and find any errors or flaws found in the document itself. It will help you to complete the task within the given task. The more you are using the app, the better it becomes. It also helps you in typing the mails, in dictation and so on.
  9. Ginger: This software follows you anywhere where you are online. For example, if you are doing the Facebook post, this app will help you to find the mistakes that you have done and will help you to correct it as soon as possible. This app is helpful for the one who performs bulk writing and has to submit the work on time.
  10. Copyscape: It is one of the versatile software applications that help you to find out the plagiarism in any content. We all know that research paper should always be unique and original. So, while writing the paper, it is critical to check the write up through this software so that you can find out whether there are any copied issues or not.

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